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Would You Buy A Used Car From These Men?

March 11, 2011

They’re trying to sell you a bill of goods.  Pat Calcutti, Mark Aarons, and Keith Douglas think you aren’t smart enough to see past the lies and downright criminal actions taken by their backers, the Croton Republican Committee.  Lies about the “raided” fund balance.  Using the PAC Citizens Against Bowhunting as a front.  And the last minute desperate act, involving the County Executive’s Office, of publishing fabrications about bringing waste back into Croton.  They think they can scare you into not voting on March 15th.  These candidates have been aware of and approved every action taken by the Republican Committee.  Their complicity in the lying, the secrecy and the covering up is an embarrassment to Croton.  Do you really want people like this running our Village?

Look for this in your mailboxes soon–it’s GOP trash talk, loud, clear and completely untrue. The only person interested in talking trash with the county is Croton Republican Chairwoman Sue Konig, George Oros protege and newly appointed County Planning Board member.  She’s also a “humorist“.  Here’s a sample of her recent work.

You can respond to the lies by getting out and casting your vote on March 15th.

Vote for Leo Wiegman, Ian Murtaugh and Casey Raskob on Tuesday.

No trash talk, just honest fact-based leadership.

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  1. watchdog permalink
    March 11, 2011 7:36 am

    Speaking of used cars…

    I saw an ad which stated, ” Grand opening: 1A Croton Point Avenue in the heart of Harmon…brand spankin’ new pre-owned cars!”
    Further: ” Leo, Ian, Casey & the Queen of England are in unanimous agreement: ” These are the best cars on three wheels!”
    Cautiously, I ask, ” How do they drive, then ?” to which the sharp-dressed one replies,” they drive great.(I’m handed a small book) Here’s what the consultants are saying.”
    okaaaay. So I pick out an ashen grey model and ask, ” does it have a/c?” and they all enthusiastically chime in, ‘sure does. and it;s green, too. Just roll down all the windows and drive real fast.”
    “Really fast!” one of them adds.
    “Here, have a glass of Kool-aid while you ponder it…” the tallest one says.

  2. d-con permalink
    March 11, 2011 8:48 am

    Apparently they really are losing it! Ha!

  3. cab0311 permalink
    March 14, 2011 7:31 am

    Regarding your bloggers’ wild charges and speculations about the Citizens Against Bowhunting, here’s our response, repeat here in case your readers haven’t seen it elsewhere:


    The Citizens Against Bowhunting was shocked and baffled by a letter from Croton Democratic Party Chair John McBride. He’s complained to government agencies, alleging that the Citizens Against Bowhunting has broken various laws.

    In the letter he’s even had the chutzpah to repeat a rumor that we have accepted money from “a large national organization.” Is Mr. McBride trying to intimidate the Citizens Against Bowhunting and the hundreds of citizens we represent, many of them members of his own party?

    To rest your mind, John, let’s clear this up now, so you can retract and apologize. We’ve received no money from any corporation or political party. Nada. Nothing. Not from a foreign power, not from Martians. Tell your friends.

    Walter Plotch,
    Citizens Against Bowhunting

    • litemoves permalink
      March 14, 2011 9:57 am

      The Citizens Against Bowhunting, by publishing ads week after week endorsing candidates for Village Office, is now legally a Political Action Committee. These Committees are required by law to file funding reports within 10 days of forming with the Board of Elections and are subject to tax under IRC section 527. Neither of which has occurred.

      • Astonished permalink
        March 14, 2011 11:15 am

        Electronic evidence strongly suggests a direct link and cooperation between Citizens Against Bowhunting and the Croton GOP.

        Regardless of the election outcome, Plotch and the CAB need to comply with the law. Isn’t that what the Croton GOP and their supports are trying to “teach” us with their Article 78. Don’t let up Mr. McBride, if laws have been broken Plotch, Allen and crew must pay the price.

        The way in which this organization has conducted itself may be praised by it’s supporters, but the silent majority sees right through this political ploy.

      • cab0311 permalink
        March 14, 2011 1:16 pm

        “Litemoves” is mistaken. Let me enlighten him/her:

        The Citizens Against Bowhunting is not a PAC. The charge is false and without merit (as lawyers would say), and as you will discover in due course. Endlessly repeating the charge during an election campaign doesn’t make it true.

        Since you and others insist on spreading Mr. McBride’s rumors and flimsy charges, as a good neighbor, may I offer some advice? Don’t do it. You will be embarrassed. Here’s why:

        In this instance, Mr. McBride, the chair of Croton’s Democratic Party, is not only mistaken. He’s confused. For example, he wrote to us that he had researched but couldn’t find our “reports with the Village clerk.” The reason he couldn’t find them? Well, Mr. McBride invested his valuable time researching an organization called—you can’t make this sort of thing up– “Croton Alternatives.” As far as we know, there is NO such organization. We’re the “Citizens Against Bowhunting.”

        And though Mr. McBride’s note was addressed to a non-existent organization, Tom Burniston, a member of our executive committee, courteously responded to him, saying that the laws cited “didn’t apply to us.” He also gave Mr. McBride our correct name. Nevertheless, Mr. McBride persisted. He wrote to us, referring, once again, to our organization as “” Then he wrote to various government agencies, repeating his allegations against the CAB. Lacking the facts, and in a wacky attempt to strengthen his case, he tossed in the kitchen sink, including a rumor. Imagine: a complaint to enforcement agencies based on a rumor!

        If I were you, I wouldn’t rely too heavily on the advice of Mr. McBride or the advice of folks who got their advice from him. Mr. McBride couldn’t even get our name straight.


        Walter Plotch,
        Citizens Against Bowhunting

  4. Logical permalink
    March 14, 2011 3:59 pm

    Mr. Plotch:

    You can deny all you want, but the evidence has been secured. Posting your denials endlessly may make you feel better, but it does not change the fact that you received assistance from a National Political Action Committee. This coupled with the fact the you have been assisted by known GOP political activists in spreading your politically motivated candidate endorsements may spell some really big trouble for you, Ms. Allen and your political group.

    And knowing all of the threats about libel litigation endlessly slung by those you support politically whenever someone disagrees with them, be rest assured that what has been stated here can be more than proven in a court of law.


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