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Decoding Village Agendas

September 29, 2012

Decoding Village Agendas – October 1,  2012

Regular Meeting of the Village Board

8:00 p.m.

 (Open to Public  – Televised)






  1. Debra LaBelle, Chief, Consumer Outreach and Education, NYS Dept. of Public Service; re: Lifeline Discount Telephone Service.  Lifeline Discount Telephone makes basic telephone service available for income-eligible people. Landline consumers can save up to $250/year and wireless consumers can get free minutes, reduced rates and free phones.  More information is available through the Public Service Commission website which has a Lifeline page –
  2. Alexander H. Roberts, Executive Director, Community Housing Innovation, Inc.; re: Fast Track Loan Modification Program.  CHI is continuing its service of arranging face to face interviews for people seeking loan modifications.  Past interviews have been for people holding loans from specific banks.  They are now doing the same for people who have mortgages from the Bank of America and/or Fannie Mae.  The event with these two banks will be held in White Plains on October 5th and 6th.  For more information on how to participate, call CHI at 1-877-HUD COUNSELING or 1-877-483-2686.
  3. Sean C. O’Brien, Executive Director, HomeFront; re: HomeFront Program and Application. The Homefront program provides quality of life repairs for homeowners with significant financial limitations.   An application can be obtained from or by calling 1-800-887-HOPE.  The deadline for applications for work to be done in 2013 is November 16,2012.
  4. Robert Hoch, Director, Government Affairs, Cablevision; re: The Sundance Channel.  Mr. Hoch is notifying the Village that the Sundance Channel will no longer be offered as a Premium Channel subscription.  Cablevision customers will be notified.
  5. Seana O’Callaghan, Owner, Green Growler; re: Use of sidewalk in front of store.  Ms. O’Callaghan is requesting permission for customers attending her store’s Oktoberfest celebration to carry and consume beer from open containers within a contained area of the sidewalk in front of her store.  The dates are October 26, 27 and 28, 2012.



  1. To authorize the Village Manager to accept  proposal from Buckhurst, Fish & Jacquemart (BFJ) in the amount of $17,000 for a site evaluation and potential development study of the property currently leased by the Croton Yacht Club.  In preparations for future lease negotiations with the Yacht Club, the Village and the Yacht Club are seeking accurate information regarding the site’s actual potential  BFJ will provide an analysis and report on the feasibility of various uses in that area.  Money for planning studies has been previously authorized.
  2. To authorize the Village Manager to accept the agreement from Ocean & Coastal Consultants (OCC) in the amount of $16,525 for design services of a cathodic protection system for the proposed bulkhead replacement project Due to stray electric currents in the vicinity of the Yacht Club which OCC has determined have contributed to some of the deterioration in the bulkheads, they6 are proposing a cathodic protection system to prevent similar corrosion from occurring for the proposed new bulkhead,  This resolution authorizes the design of such a solution.
  3. Authorizing the Board of Trustees to adopt the Energize Partnership Pact and to authorize the Village Manager to appoint a Municipal Energize Liaison. A residential efficiency program being piloted by the Town of Bedford makes available  a number of resources, including staff, that will allow residents to become more energy efficient. Croton is a municipal partner with the Town of Bedford in the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium and, as such, is eligible to join this Energize program.  The Energize program has been award significant funding by NYSERDA and the US Dept. of Energy to build an effective residential efficiency program.

 Croton can participate in this program at no-cost by adopting the Energize Partnership Pact. 

  1. To authorize the Village Treasurer to issue a tax refund to property owner as a result of a tax grievance filed and settled.  As a result of a Small Claims Assessment Reivew  decision the Village an assessment reduction has been required and the property owner is due $1,155.59 in refunded taxes.
  2. To authorize the Village Manager to execute the contract with Student Assistance Services Corporation for an amount not to exceed $17,108. For the continuation of a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Health, Human Service and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration under the Drug Free Community Support Program.  This is the fourth year of a five-year grant from the federal government which enables the Croton Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol to function as an ongoing program.  Professional guidance and help in running the program is proved by Student Assistance Services.  This renews their contract for another year.  The Village manages the money for this grant and, therefore, the Village Board mut authorize this contract renewal.
  3. Board of Trustees authorizes the Village Treasurer to release the balance of the Designated Reserve Water Fund for Future capital Projects in the  amount of $121,511 and to transfer such balance to Fund Balance Account. The Village established a Designated Reserve Fund in the Water Fund in 2002 for suture water-related capital projects.  Money from the fund has been used to fund several projects including the drilling of well #5.  The unused balance, $121,511, will be transferred from the Designated Reserve fund to the Water Fund’s Fund Balance Account in order to properly close the 2011/2012 fiscal year.
  4. To authorize the Village Treasurer to make amendment to the 2011/2012 budget as per the request of the Village Auditors.  The Village auditors  have found an additional transaction for FY 2011/2012 having to do with April and May retirement contributions that should be properly reflected as an expenditures.  This requires amending the 2011/2012 final budget through transfers of $40,809 from the Medicare and Workman’s Comp and Insurance accounts to the employee and police retirement accounts.
  5. The Board of Trustees hereby proclaim October 14 to October 20, 2012 “Freedom from Bullies Week”.   The resolution endorses the belief that abusive work environments create costly consequences for the employee and for employers.  They are supporting the Freedom From Bullies week as part of a campaign  to promote actions that would ensure that abuse work environments are prevented.
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