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REMINDER – Awakening in the light

March 24, 2014

The title is straight forward. For those who answer the call,  it is most likely because they are in search of or are going through a spiritual transformation .

This workshop has two purposes:  to know ourselves  (because we don’t) and light the lamp that is in us in order to see the path we are on .

We will do this  by  reading and working with the teachings of spiritual masters.  After a series of exercises, nature walks as well as dance we will practice pure silence.

For this road is not a thorny one. It is as pleasant we want it to be- my motive is to create a workshop of freedom and liberation.


                                             Come  to Acker House this Saturday March 29th 

                                                                                   at 9:30 to 10:30 am. 

                                                                             To   Awakening In The Light

                                                                                        By Donation

                                                                   139 Grand Street Croton On Hudson

                                                                                       NY 10520

                                     FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL   Berty 646 9326630


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