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Decoding Village Agendas – May 19, 2014

May 15, 2014

Work Session of the Village Board

7: 30 p.m.

(Open to Public  –  Not Televised)



  1. Discussion of Sidewalk Maintenance Law, Chapter 197 Article IV.  The Board will be discussing the issue of responsibility for sidewalk maintenance.  The Village Code, Chapter 197 is available from the Village’s website.
  2. Discussion with Ken Pojman of Gisolfi Associates regarding the exisiting masonry and roofing condition at the Municipal Building and proposed restoration.  The roofing and masonry at the Municipal Building was examined in 2013 by both a masonry consultant and a roofing consultant. Several critical remediation projects were identified for the masonry including repair of chimneys projecting above the roof line, replacement of the concrete landing and stair at the handicapped lift, and the repair of the west wall of the Water Meter Room.  Repointing mortar joints and replacement of some brick is also needed. The roofing survey indicated that the shingles and built-up roofing are at the end of their service lives.  Short-term leaks need to be repaired but roof replacement should be undertaken in the near future.    Gisolfi Associates, based on the reports, have provided an estimated budget for performing the needed work at $1, 235,000.00   This includes $50,000 for potential asbestos remediation if it is found to exist.
  3. Request by Little League to construct a press box at Dobbs Park.   The proposed press box would be built over the shed that stands near the third base dugout.  Architect Ed Gemmola and contractor Kevin Dymes have provided detail information.  Little League feels that the proposed  press box would provide more storage and be more visually appealing. It would also include a public address system.
  4. Continuing discussion with representatives from local sports organizations and the School District regarding field maintenance and usage.  This is an ongoing discussion intended to help solve some of the scheduling and usage issues  given the limited number of fields available and the number of sports groups wishing to use them.
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