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Decoding Village Agendas – June 2, 2014

May 31, 2014

Regular Meeting of the Village Board


 (Open to Public  – Televised)





  • New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.  Office of Real Property Tax services; re: Tentative State Equalization Rate 2014.  The State is notifying the Village of the tentative Equalization Rate for 2014 of 4.33.  In 2013 it was 3.80.  This represents a Percentage change in their estimate of the full value of property in the Village of -12.2%.  The full value standard of the tentative 2014  State equalization rate is the total full value as of July 1, 2012.    If the Assess or does not agree with this tentative rate, it can be appealed before a final rate is set.


    1. Jane Morgenstein, Chair, Westchester County Rent Guidelines Board; re: Notice of Public Hearing.  Public hearings  on the Board’s setting of guideline rates of rent adjustment for housing for leases beginning October 1, 2014 thru September 30, 2015, will be held on June 2 in Mount Vernon, June 3 in Yonkers and June 9, 16 and 23  in White Plains.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting Robert Rodriguez at


  • Delroy Taylor, P.E., Associate engineer, Westchester County; re: Notice of Copper Action Level Exceedence.  The letter requires the Village to provide a completed design for the corrosion control facilities in the Village water supply in light of exceedances of the Copper level in regular random tests of the Village water distribution system.  The Village is proposing the use of Zinc Ortho Phosphate (ZOP).  They are requiring that the system be installed and tested by the end of 2015.   The Village, as a water supplier, is required to prove acceptable water (by NYS and County standards) to all customers.  The copper exceedances are not  present in the Village’s water pipes, but rather occur in the pipes from the public lines to individual houses where copper pipes still exist.    Nevertheless, the Village is required to supply water in homes that is free of copper exceedances or any other substances that are measured and monitored by the County Health Dept.
  • Dan Ahouse, Area Director, Government Affairs, Cablevision; re: Video Programming and Package Changes.  Cablevision is making changes to its video programming having to do with Fight Now TV and Fantasy Sports Network ( a new offering) and Boomerang .  Customers will be notified or can go to for updates.




  • Authorizing the Village Manager to award the Sidewalk and Curb Improvements Project to DLG Contracting LLC from Mt. Vernon, NY in the amount of $252,554.50  Six bids were received for the proposed work.  They ranged from $252,554 to $355,230.  The work includes 6350 linear feet of new curbs and approximately 2100 linear feet of sidewalks.  Some of the work will be funded 100% by the Village and some will be funded by  the property owners who joined either the 50.50 or 60/40 sidewalk improvement program in years past.   
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the proposal from Woodard and Curran of White Plains, NY for the Radio Path Study, Control Panel Design, plans and specifications and the preparation of bid packages in the amount of $40, 384.00 for a new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for the Water Department.  The SCADA system is the core component of the automation system which enables the water supply and distribution system to operate together. The existing system components are in need of replacement.  This proposal is for the design and plans for an updated SCADA system as well as the specifications for a future bid on the project.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to award the cleaning service proposals to Integrated Management Service of Baldwin Place, NY at $978.00 per month for the various Village locations  and $2, 751.84 per month for the administrative offices.  There were two proposals received for the cleaning of the Police Station, Community Room, DPW offices and Parking Lot Office and two proposals for the cleaning of the Administrative offices.
  • D. Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the agreement with the SPCA of Westchester, Inc. to provide services to the Village for seized, stray and homeless dogs and cats.   This is a renewal of an annual agreement with the SPCA to provide animal shelter care as needed.  The contract is in the amount of $6,416.55   The Village is required to provide  care or shelter for homeless and stray dogs and cats seized by dog control officers, police and other municipal agencies.


    1. Authorizing the Village Mayor to accept the grant awarded to the Village Court for enhancements to the Court Room.  The Village Court has been awarded $1,835.00 for enhancements to the Court Room.  The Village Board previously authorized the application for the grant and now the Mayor must be authorized to accept it.OTHER:


  • Request by Village Manager to enter into an Executive Session to update the Board on litigation related to 1A Croton Point Avenue.


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