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Pipeline project and transformer station rally

June 15, 2014


June 18 at 6:00 PM

Rally to Oppose Electric Converter & Pipeline Projects

11th & Broadway, Verplanck

Below please see details about the proposed projects for Verplanck that would effect Verplanck, Buchanan, Montrose, Peekskill, Cortlandt Manor and Yorktown. The Town of Cortlandt absolutely opposes these projects, and needs the help of the community to show that these projects are NOT wanted here by the community. If you can, please attend on Wednesday evening. Details on the projects and the impacts they bring can be found below.

Who:  West Point Partners (WPP) and Spectra (Algonquin Pipeline)

What is proposed:

WPP:  Massive Electrical converter station, the 4th largest in the world

Algonquin Pipeline: 42” high-pressure gas pipeline that will deliver gas to New England

Where:  BOTH projects planned in the same exact area of Verplanck. One project proposed to State (PSC) and the other to Federal (FERC), which means they can apply for same location and continue with their projects without one considering the other.

West Point Project (WPP)

·         50 ft high by 30 ft wide (equivalent of 2 Best Buys high and 2 wide) in Verplanck (does not include the electrical towers that will be up to 80ft high) by Letteri Field

·         Close proximity to B-V School

·         NOISE pollution aka “The Buzz” – constant loud humming that can be heard several miles away

·         Health risks associated with increased amount of voltage in the area

·         NO jobs will be created

·         Cannot guarantee no accidents will occur

Algonquin Pipeline

·         ADDITIONAL 42” pipe line dug into area in and around Nuclear Power Plant

·         450 ft from BV School

·         ONLY 3 ft below ground, posing threat of terrorist attacks; current police and fire departments cannot handle the increased threat to security

·         2-3 year project to dig and lay pipes in the Hudson River, Verplanck, Buchanan, Cortlandt Manor, Yorktown and Peekskill;  NOISE, DIRT, Environmental DESTRUCTION

·         Pipes will carry gas higher emissions of cancer causing agents

·         Hudson will need to be dredged causing buried PCB’s to come to the surface

·         No benefit to Westchester – only connects New England to the pipeline

·         No jobs will be created

·         Cannot guarantee that 100% safe and accident won’t occur

What Does This Mean for YOU:

·         Environmental and NOISE Pollution;  Increased Risk of Health ISSUES

·         Decreased PROPERTY Values; School District Will be less desirable and suffer

·         2-3 years of CONSTRUCTION  throughout ENTIRE AREA

·         INCREASED taxes to cover needs and deficits associated with these projects

Attend the Rally June 18th at 6 pm
corner of 11th St and Broadway in Verplanck
Tell YOUR NEIGHBORS & Share this information

Info sheet compiled by Concerned Citizens of Cortlandt

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