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Community Meeting – Update on Village’s 2014 Water Distribution System Improvement Project

June 20, 2014

On Thursday, June 26th at 8pm the Village will host a community meeting about the Water Main Replacement, Cement Lining and Extension Project:  Harmon Area, Wolf Road/Cook Lane Area, and Munson and Loconto Streets.  The meeting will be held at the Harmon Firehouse, 30 Wayne Street.


All residents are encouraged to attend, particularly those residents who live on the affected streets, to learn more about how the project will impact residents, especially during installation.

Village trustees, Village staff, and the contractor for the project, Heitkamp, Inc., will present detailed information about the Water Distribution System Improvement Project, including timeframes, phasing, benefits, cost, and more information about the improvements.  It is expected that the work will take two construction seasons lasting from July 2014 and ending in the late summer of 2016.  Because of the need to provide a temporary water supply during the relining process the work will be performed in five phases.


The work will include the installation of 7,370 feet of new cement lined ductile iron water main to reinforce the existing distribution system.  Heitkamp, Inc. will also scrape and reline with cement mortar, 24,100 feet of existing unlined cast iron water main, and replace 45 fire hydrants and 133 water main valves to enhance system operation.


The improvements will enhance water quality, eliminate most brown water complaints, reduce chlorine demand, improve flow and fire protection and upgrade water system operations.

For further information regarding the project see the Village website at


If you have additional questions you may call the Village Engineers Office at 914-271-4783.

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