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Decoding Village Agendas – June 23, 2014

June 20, 2014

Regular Meeting of the Village Board


(Open to Public  – Televised)






  • Daniel O’Connor, Village engineer; re: Chazen Engineering Design of Corrosion Control System. Chazen, the Village consultant for water system projects,  has submitted a proposal for the design, implementation plans, and bidding documents for the use of zinc orthophosphate as the corrosion control additive to meet the mandate of the Westchester County Dept. of Health.  The mandate is the result of the Village exceeding the Copper Action level (1.30 mg/L) in the sampling period of January to June 2014. (1.58 mg/L). The amount of the Chazen proposal is $47,750.00.  Their Corrosion Control Report from 2007 is also included as backup in the online agenda on the Village’s website.  The corrosion control program was not implemented at that time.
  • Stephan Richman, Treasurer, Westchester Cycle Club, Inc., ; re: permission to use Black Rock  Park as a rest stop for the 33rd Annual Golden Apple Bike Tour. The Golden Apple Bike Tour is on August 31.  The event draws as many as 1,000 cyclists and raises money for the Friends of Karen.   Cyclists will be going over the Quaker Bridge tto Route 129 . Black rock Park would be a convenient and safe rest stop about 25 miles into the trip. They would provide their own water and bring in portojohns for participants. The hours of usage is expected to be from 7:30 am (set up) to 1 pm (clean up).
  • Brian F. Moon, Real Property Analyst, NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance; re: Final State Equalization Rate.  The state has set the final equalization rate at 4.33 which is the same as the previously proposed tentative rate.  Last year’s rate was 3.80.  An increase in the equalization rate represents a decrease in estimated full value for properties in the Village, in this case a decrease of 12.24%.



    1. Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the agreement with the Croton Caring Committee for reimbursement of 8 luncheons per year for a total cost of $7,028.56 per year.  The existing agreement providing for the same reimbursement of 8 luncheons/year has expired as of June 2013.  This agreement will extend for five years to 2018.


  •  Village Board determines that Local Law Introductory 3 of 2014 amending the Zoning Code and Zoning Map of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson to a be a Type 1 action, declares itself Lead Agent for NYS SEQRA purposes, issues the EAF and CAF, refers the Draft Law to the Village Planning Board for a report and refers the Draft Law, EAF, CAF to the Waterfront Advisory Committee and Westchester County Board/Planning Department for review and recommendations.This draft law was originally undertaken in 2010 at the recommendation of the Comprehensive Plan Committee.  Action on the proposed law was postponed and is now reinstated without change.  In following the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan of 2003, the draft law proposes the rezoning of several properties currently zoned as RA-40 to Parks, Recreation and Education (PRE).  These properties include the County’s Croton Point Park, and the Audubon properties – Graff and Brinton Brook Sanctuaries.  It also includes a small triangle of the Arboretum that remains in the RA-40 zone.  Additionally, it calls for the creation of a new residential zone, RA-60, approximately 1 ½ acre zoning. If adopted, this zone would apply to properties currently zoned RA-40 along Albany Post Road and Hudson National Golf Course.  The firm of Buckhurst Fish and Jacquemart (BFJ) continue to be  the consultants on this proposed zoning as they were in 2009 and 2010.


The introduction of this resolution begins a process during which the proposed law will be reviewed by the Planning Board, the Waterfront Advisory Committee and the County Planning Board.



  • Request by Village Manager to enter into an Executive Session to update the Board on litigation related to 1A Croton Point Avenue and Real Property relating to 1300 Albany Post Road.


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