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Decoding Village Agendas – June 30, 2014

June 28, 2014

Work Session of the Village Board

7: 30 p.m.

(Open to Public  –  Not Televised)


  1. Discussion regarding the proposed signage at the entrance to Mayo’s Landing at Nordica Drive.  The proposed sign for the rules governing usage of the Mayo’s Landing Conservation Area include a ban of dogs.  This has been recommended by the Village Manager and the Chief of Police.  The Board will discuss the signage and rules.
  2. Croton Point Avenue Traffic, Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvement Project – Village Board review of the Determination of Significance for SEQRA purposes.  The Village has received comments from the Waterfront Advisory Commission, the County Planning Dept., The NYS Dept. of Transportation, and Fish and Wildlife Dept. as part of the Croton Point Avenue Improvement project.  The next step for the project is for the Board to make a Determination of Significance by reviewing the criteria specified in the NYS SEQRA law (617.7).  The Board will discuss each of the criteria at the meeting before making a determination of significance.
  3. Review of proposal for design of corrosion control system as mandated by the Westchester County Health Department.  Chazen, the Village’s consultant on water-related issues, is proposing to design a corrosion control plan that meets the County approval requirements, and prepare bid documents.  The system they are recommending is for  zinc orthophosphate to be added as an anti-corrosive agent.  The Village has been directed by the County  Health Dept. to design, implement and fully test such a plan prior to December 2015 due to water tests indicating copper levels in the 90th percentile (1.58mg/L).
  4. Community Video Showcase Program – CGI Communications Inc.  This program, offered at no cost by CGI Communications, develops videos that  showcase programs, amenities and services that are offered in and by the Village. The program has been used elsewhere to enhance the visibility of the municipal services and economic development.  A demonstration of such video showcasing already used by other communities will be shown to the Board and a representative will explain the program.

5. Update on the Clarkson University proposal to install a Hydrologic Station on Croton River at Black Rock Park,  A program run through Clarkson University to monitor water levels and meteorological parameters in the Hudson River Valley was previously presented to the Board and approved.  An update of the project and its implementation, which will be located at Black Rock Park, will be presented

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