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A Note From Former Trustee Georgianna Grant

July 20, 2014

Okay one and all – Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Conservatives and every resident of our beautiful Croton.  We are not a big city, a county, a township, a state, or national or international government.  We are a small, delightful village with about 8000 people (friends and neighbors) who are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful Hudson River town with so much to offer older residents, working families, children and grandchildren.  Our schools are excellent.  Our municipal recreation programs are exceptional.  They include swimming, boating, tennis, baseball, lacrosse and football for those so inclined.  Daily and weekly seminars are available for non physical activities ranging from current events topics, to board game lessons and on to drawing and other intellectual pursuits.  Our senior citizens are well supplied with weekly, well planned and executed meetings. Our Library is second to none, We are a community of 5 Churches and 1 Temple. And our new River Walk is a delight, admired and envied by every community around for it’s beauty and peace.  We protect our open spaces (what few are left).

Our form of government for this small village is a representative form of government, i.e, we elect from our local community the best people – not only willing to serve, but who are trusted to represent the total population according to what, in their opinions, based on what they hear and learn from residents plus research, and explored advice from professionals in each of the fields., tough decisions need to be made.

I for one am grateful and honored to be represented by these incredibly dedicated and honest neighbors.   Any resident is free to go before the board with ideas and concerns.  A very few repetitive and often inaccurate residents seem to be determined to conduct a war of words to further their own private agendas.  They might be political activists or just disgruntled and misunderstanding, judgmental individuals who don’t see the beauty of this terrific little place we call home.  Of course, taxes are a concern to all of us – Mayor and Trustees alike.  But we’ve chosen to live in a village with this superior quality  of life.  We owe our board a strong vote of confidence for protecting and ensuring we have it.

Let’s save the angry, accusatory and ill founded charges levied by such a few.  I suspect a lot of it is simple contagion from the national anger and discomfort with our national elected representative.  Our small town political environment is very different.  The large majority of us don’t want that nasty sickness and disease here.

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  1. mrs. bruno permalink
    July 20, 2014 7:10 pm

    We didn’t elect a full-time mayor with full benefits. Such an office does not exist in the Village charter. Yet somehow now we have one. Gallelli and Wiegman have GOT to go. Apologists be damned.

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