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A Contested Election In Croton

July 30, 2014

Ironically it  appears that CrotonUnited’s whole point is to divide the village!  WatchCroton wishes all the best to anyone who wants to run for office.  Wish we could say the same about CrotonUnited’s chair...



Croton United (CU) is pleased to announce the nomination of Bob Anderson, John Brijeski, and Virginia Calcutti as its candidates for the three open trustee seats on the Croton Village Board.  CU is a recently formed, non partisan organization dedicated to returning honesty, integrity, and efficiency to government in Croton.“Croton United is very proud to have such an outstanding trio as Bob, John, and Ginny as our first candidates for the board,” said CU chair Roseann Schuyler, “and we’re proud to offer the voters of Croton a choice of three individuals with diverse strengths and experience, as well as great honesty and integrity in this November’s election.  We’re looking forward to introducing our candidates to the community, and to presenting our vision for the future of the village.  If village residents want honest, open, and efficient government in Croton, it’s as easy as ABC.  Just choose Anderson, Brijeski, and Calcutti in November.”Bob Anderson has been a Croton resident for forty years.  He and his wife, Leslie, raised their son in Croton.  After graduating from SUNY, New Paltz, in 1972 with BS and MS degrees in education and psychology, Bob taught second and third grade in the Hendrick Hudson School District, as well as special needs children at Northern Westchester BOCES.

A man of many talents, Bob left teaching to spend several years as a tennis professional at clubs around Westchester.  In 1983, he joined IBM Research as a designer of laboratory and office space. He later served as an executive assistant to the VP of Science and Technology, and finished his career as a technical recruiter, retiring in 2002.

For the past dozen years, Bob has been a dedicated volunteer with the Croton Caring Committee, providing medical transportation to our senior citizens and delivering holiday baskets of food to disadvantaged families in Croton.

“I am running for trustee because I believe the current village board has forgotten what public service means.” Bob said.  “The lack of fiscal responsibility, transparency, and overall lack of integrity became my tipping point.  The feeling of entitlement exhibited by the mayor is appalling and if nothing else I hope to make Croton voters aware of what is going on with our Village government.”

John Brijeski and his wife, Lillian, settled in Croton twelve years ago.  Their three children attend Croton schools.  John is a graduate of Hofstra University and a certified public accountant.  He is currently a vice-president at Citibank having previously held executive positions at various firms, including Credit Suisse, Young & Rubicam, and Ernst & Young.

John has been especially active with the youth of the community.  He is an AYSO soccer coach, and he and Lillian own and operate the Kumon Education Center in Tarrytown.

“I believe in giving back to one’s community,” noted John.  “I know my background and skills will serve the residents and taxpayers of our village well, especially now, when it is vital for our village officials to make fiscally sound public policy decisions based on objective analysis and forward-thinking consideration of village spending priorities.”

Virginia (Ginny) Calcutti, a native of Ossining, has lived in Croton for 52 years with her husband, Vito, a retired Croton village employee.  They have two adult children and four grandchildren.

Ginny spent 24 years with the Croton-Harmon School District where she also served as president and negotiator of the Civil Service Employees Association Clerical Unit.  She was elected secretary of CSEA Westchester Local 860.

Ginny was a member of the Croton Emergency Services Committee and a color guard instructor for the Croton Cardinals Drum and Bugle Corps.  She is an active member of the Croton Senior Citizens Club.

“My goals as a trustee are to bring open government to the village and keep the residents of Croton informed as to what is happening in their village,” said Ginny.  “We need to improve the leadership and accountability of our officials, eliminate unnecessary spending, stabilize or even reduce our taxes and ensure our Village Code is enforced for all residents.  Most importantly, I want to meet with our residents to ensure that their concerns are addressed.”

“Croton United does not believe that national parties and partisanship have any role to play in local government,” noted Ms. Schuyler.  “Our members are Democrats, Republicans and independents.  As for our candidates, two are registered Democrats, while the third has no party affiliation.”

For additional information, contact Joel Gingold, (914) 271-5297, or

6 Comments leave one →
  1. georgianna33 permalink
    July 31, 2014 9:53 am

    Please, please, please focus on the many issues we have and forget about personal attacks and tell us definitively what you’re going to do and not what you think they haven’t done !

  2. Concerned Citizen permalink
    July 31, 2014 10:46 am

    Mr. Gingold,

    Run, do not walk away from Roseann Schuyler, Maria Cudequest and Croton Divided (formerly known as Croton United). Ms. Schuyler, along with her husband and ilk attempted to suppress free speech with frivolous lawsuits against those who disagree with her politically. She also actively supported frivolous lawsuits against the Village which cost taxpayers $500,000.

    A quick perusal of the Croton Divided Facebook page uncovers the same small group of malcontents who have viciously attacked anyone who disagrees with them for the last decade or more.

    Mr. Gingold, don’t go the way of Robert Scott, Walter Plotch, Fran Allen and many, many other decent people who have destroyed their reputation and standing in the community by getting in bed with Schuyler and Cudequest. Please rescue Mr. Brijeski as well, as he clearly is unaware of who he is dealing with.

    • georgianna33 permalink
      August 6, 2014 4:41 pm

      And I fear I may have made a wrong “guess” when I suggested in a post that the anonymous “RA” might have been Robert Armini. I wonder now if it was “RA” for Robert Anderson. God, I hope not!

    • Joel Gingold permalink
      August 15, 2014 2:35 pm

      Dear Concerned Citizen – or may I call you just Concerned? You can call me Joel, but I don’t want to get too familiar without your permission, since I don’t know who or what you may be.

      I am very grateful for your concern over my reputation, since I wasn’t even aware I had one. However, I fear that I cannot completely comply with your request since, at my advanced age, I can no longer run very fast or very far. Do I have your permission to walk? But regardless, thank you for caring.

      I must tell you, however, that you have created a problem for me. My wife saw your post and said, “You told me you were going to political meetings, and now I discover you were actually in bed with not one, but two other women!!” Now she wants a divorce. Are you female and available? I have to start looking for a new relationship. Do you have a spare room I can move into when I get thrown out of the house?

      But I am secretly pleased that, at this stage of my life, someone like you would actually think that I can deal with two women at the same time. That’s a big boost to my fragile male ego. Thank you for that.

      It is said that, “Politics makes strange bedfellows,” but I never thought that was meant to be taken literally. BTW, can a woman be considered a bed “fellow?” What is the female form of “fellow?”

      But then, look at all of the politicians that have been caught going astray.
      Now I fear that I will be forever linked with Elliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford, Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, etc. etc. And it’s all due to you. Although the Hollywood press agents do say that bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

      • georgianna33 permalink
        August 16, 2014 11:08 am

        Joel, my old friend …. while I appreciate your keen and sharp sense of humor, I suggest it’s probably not wise to joke about an issue as serious as village elections. I can’t speak to your “reputation” because to my knowledge, it’s always been squeaky clean. As to your bedroom behavior I certainly don’t know nor do I car about that.

        I DO, however. care about Croton and know that you do too. I believe both you and Irecognize that our future is in the hands of our elected government officials for whom we voted in past elections. I also believe you treasure our rich past and heritage as much as I do.

        If anything, I think we should be encouraging our friends and neighbors to actively participate in important decision making without sarcasm and snide suggestive remarks about our Croton neighbors. I have publicly disagreed with most of the positions taken by Schuyler, Cudequest and Calcutti but respect their right to express them as I do yours. However, there is no place for public announcements based on suspicion, innuendo. Just as cowardly and destructive are unfounded shots at those with whom we disagree.

        Keep it on point, Joel … factual and courteous, so your new organization Croton United doesn’t contribute to Croton Divided.

  3. mrs. bruno permalink
    August 3, 2014 3:13 pm

    I look forward to voting for people with common sense for a change.

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