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A Note On The Race for Governor

August 8, 2014

Democrats, you have a choice to make for Governor on September 9th.  The choice is between Andrew Cuomo and Zephyr Teachout (  There is also the choice for Lt. Governor between Kathy Hochul and Tim Wu.


There are many issues separating the two candidates for governor especially in the areas of public education, the environment and rebuilding New York’s infrastructure.  I encourage you to find out for yourselves.  For me there is one determining factor.  Andrew Cuomo ran four years ago  on a platform of reform.  He was going to get money out of politics, end the outrageous gerrymandering of Senate and Assembly districts and pass far higher ethical standards for elected and appointed officials in the state.  Governor Cuomo reneged on each and every one of those promises.  In fact, things got worse.


I know that nothing can be perfect, but generally we should strive for a government we can trust is working for our benefit and not for the benefit of the people we elect to lead or their big donors. Misconceptions can lead us astray.  But given all the bad news that has come down from Albany for many many years, we needed serious reform.  Ms. Teachout’s academic specialty has been the study of official corruption.  She knows better than anyone the insidious impact of corruption in all the forms that it takes.  My vote will go to Teachout on September 9th, hopefully she will lead us toward real reform to weed out corruption in New York State government.


I will also be voting for Tim Wu on primary day.  Perhaps more on that choice in another letter to come later.


John McBride

Individually and not as the Chair of the Cortlandt Democratic Committee.

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