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Decoding Village Agendas – August 11, 2014

August 9, 2014

Regular Meeting of the Village Board


(Open to Public  – Televised)






  • Dan O’Connor, Village engineer; re: Special Permit Renewal Application, 365 South Riverside Ave.   This is an application for a renewal of expired special permits for a business at 365 S. Riverside Ave.  The current permits for “motor vehicle service station” and for “used car sales” expired May 2013.  In order for the application to proceed, the Village Board would need to waive the requirement that all taxes and water bills be paid before an application can be processed (they are currently unpaid.).  The Village Engineer recommends that the Board waive this requirement so the application can be sent to the Planning Board for a recommendation as to the renewal of the special permits.
  • Daniel O’Connor, Village engineer; re: Request for Building Permit extension, 3 Mt. Airy Road. This is the third request for an extension for this building. Work includes a second floor addition and renovations. The Village engineer recommends granting the extension to February 22, 2015.
  • Chris Doyle, CLM, Senior Aquatic Biologist/Water Quality Program Supervisor, Allied Biological; re: Request Permission to access the Croton River to conduct an aquatic plant survey.   Mr. Doyle is conducting a study of the invasive plant Hydrilla in the Croton River.  He is asking for permission to launch a canoe or kayak from Black rock Park and Silver Lake Park for a one-day survey of the Croton river.  The survey is funded through the Lower Hudson Partnership for Invasive Species Management which is, in turn, funded by the NYS DEC.
  • Ron Pantoliano, HNM Acts-NY, Pre-Core Member; re: Request permission to have a BBQ/Picnic at Vassallo Park on August 23, 2014The proposed event is under the sponsorship of the Holy Name of Mary ACTS-NY Ministry. It would occur from noon to four pm and all set up and clean up would be performed by the Church members.
  • Margaret Hadad, LMSW-Program Director, NYS Long Term Care Ombudsman Program; re: Fall Training Program.   Ms. Haddad provides flyers for the Fall Training program beginning October 2, 2014.  The program provides assistance for persons in Long-Term facilities is handling their affairs.  Flyers are available in the Village Office.


    1. Dan Ahouse, Area Director, Government Affairs, cablevision; re: Postpnement of Premium Channel Realignment.  A previous announcement about th relocation of certain premium channels that was to occur in August has been indefinitely postponed.


  • Robin Safarowic, Temple Administrator, Temple Israel Congregation; re:Use of Senasqua Park.  Temple Israel is requesting the use of Senasqua Park on Thursday, September 25 from 3:00 to 3:30 pm for about 10 to 25 people.





  • To enter into a contract with Bergmann Associates for the Van Cortlandt Manor Entrance Improvement project.  Van Cortlandt Manor is the recipient of a $3,000,000 federal grant for improvements of its entrance. As it is located in the Village, the Village must act as the Municipal Sponsor for the project and act as the administering agency for the funds.  Historic Hudson Valley is responsible for all costs.   The resolution approved a contract to Bergmann Associates for the initial design phase of the project.




    1. Village Board determines that the special permit application for mixed use occupancy at 379 South Riverside Avenue is an unlisted action under SEQRA, declares itself to be Lead Agent for the purpose of SEQRA, refers the Special Permit to the Village Planning Board for a report back to the Village Board, refers the special permit application, short EAF and the CAF to the Village Waterfront Advisory Committee for a recommendation back to the Village Board and directs the Staff to notify Westchester County Planning Department of the application.  A mixed-use occupancy special permit application for 379 South Riverside Ave. has been received. The Board will consider taking the procedural steps identified above to begin its processing.  The application calls for commercial on the ground floor with three studio apartments in the rear and two floors with 4 1-bedroom apartments on each.


  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the proposal submitted by John Grant in the amount of $1,145.00 for field work, inspection of the trees and an evaluative report in relation to the Water Infrastructure Project.  The arborist will evaluate and make recommendations  on the potential impact to street trees resulting from the water infrastructure improvement project.
  • Village authorizes the Croton Council on the Arts to sell art at Senasqua Park and on Elliot Way on September 14, 2014 with a rain date of September 21, 2014An art event sponsored by the Croton Council on the Arts previously authorized to be held at Senasqua Park and along Elliott Way on September 14 would be allowed to sell art pieces from these locations during the event.  The CCoA and the Village will work together to establish the locations for the displayed art.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to accept the proposal from Site Design Consultants in the amount of $8,900 for the engineering design work for the Phase II portion of the repairs to the Grand Street Firehouse.   Needed structural repairs at the firehouse include  repair of the driveway apron, waterf proofing the foundation, and drainage pipe replacement on the south building side.  This contract was previously authorized for Lynnstar Engineering to design the engineering work for this project (Phase 1)..  This resolution recommended by the Superintendent of Public Works Gennarelli would authorize the design work for additional structural repairs (Phase 2) for the firehouse  including the rehabilitation of the rear lot line retaining wall, installation of a drainage system in the rear parking lot and repaving of the rear parking lot. The contract if Site Design Consultants in the amount of $8.900.
  • Village Board of Trustees adopts the amended Procurement Policy for the Village of croton-on-Hudson effective June 1, 2014.  The Board had previously adopted a local law which added the uise of the Best Value Procurement Standard to the Village Procurement policy.  This resolution now updates the procurement policy itself to reflect the new standard.


    1. Authorizing Village Manager to award the contract  to Golden’s Tree service for Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services at the rate of $1,401.60 per eight hour day for a period of two years with an option to extend for one additional year if the contractor agrees.  Golden’s Tree Service was the sole bidder on this contract.  Golden’s has been performing this service for many years in the Village and the Superintendent of Public Works recommends it being awarded the contract.


  • Authorizing the Village Manager to award the contract to Santella Welding for Welding Services at the labor rate of $79.00 per hour for the Welder and $49.00 per hour for the Welder’s helper for a period of two years with an option to extend for one additional year if the contractor agrees.  Santella Welding was the sole bidder  for the contract to perform welding services to Village as needed.  They have also been performing this work for approximately twelve years and are being recommended by the Superintendent of Public Works.
  • Village Board acknowledges that the required Village Justice Court audit was conducted and authorizes the Village Treasurer to forward a copy of the resolution to the NYS Office of Court Administration.  This resolution affirms that there has been independent audit of the Village Justice Court and provides it to the Office of Court Administration.  This is an annual requirement.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to accept the change order from D&B in the amount of $15,500 for the additional time needed to monitor and track the removal rock during construction of the High Street watershed/drainage improvement project.  Unexpected rock removal during construction resulted in additional time for D&B to provide oversight on the project to monitor and track rock removal.  This resolution authorizes the additional payment to cover these costs.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the change order from Ocean and Coastal Consultants (OCC) for additional construction administration services and construction oversight in the amount of $20,000 for the Bulkhead Replacement Project at the Croton Yacht Club.  The resolution authorizes an amount no greater than $20,000 to cover additional costs for full-time presence on site  during drilling for anchors and additional review of change order requests by the contractor.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to accept the proposal from Buckhurst Fish & Jacquemart in an amount not to exceed $15,000 to assist with the review of and potential amendments to the accessory apartment law.  BFJ has been working with Comprehensive Plan on implementation of rezoning certain properties to PRE, implanting a RA-60 zone, and revising sections of the code on Customary Home Occupations.  This resolution authorizes further work by BFJ to work with the committee to review the Accessory Apartment Law.OTHER:




  • Consideration of determination of LWRP Consistency in connection with the proposed Croton Point Avenue Traffic, Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Project.    The Village Board must review the 44 policies of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program prior to making its own findings regarding the projects consistency with the Village’s LWRP.  The Waterfront Advisory Committee has done both a preliminary and final consistency review and have found the project  to be consistent with the Village’s LWRP.


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