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Decoding Village Agendas – September 22, 2014

September 21, 2014

Work Session of the Village Board

7: 30 p.m.

 (Open to Public  –  Not Televised)


  1. Presentation from CPU-HR representatives – Update on Affordable Care Act.  The Board will hear from our ACA consultant on how it affects Village Employees.  They will also consider a draft document outlining 2015 Procedures and Policies that has been proposed by the Village Manager in accordance with the ACA requirments.
  2. Village Board discussion regarding requested zoning amendment by Ralph Mastromonaco, P.E.,P.C. Consulting Engineer; on behalf of Amberlands Realty Corporation.   The parcel at the corner of Baltic Place and Albany Post Road consists of two tax lots. One is in the Village and is currently zoned RA-25.  The request is to rezone it to C-1 which would enable Amberlands Realty to further develop the two-lot parcel. It is currently the location of several offices, a restaurant and a bank with parking in the rear of the buildings.
  3. Discussion regarding new playground equipment at Duck Pond Park.  Due to deterioration, the Recreation staff is recommending that playground equipment at the park be replaced in the near future.  They also recommend the replacement of the railroad tie wall and chain link fence within the park at the same time. Several proposals for playground equipment were received with the lowest one coming from Playground Maintenance Corp. at $66,950.
  4. Discussion regarding proposed agreement with NYPA regarding energy efficiency programs.  The agreement would allow, not require, the Village to participate in the NYPA Energy Efficiency Programs. The projects are to reduce energy costs and/or realize environmental benefits for Village-owned or operated facilities.
  5. Discussion regarding BFJ proposals on updating Chapter 225 of the Village Code and the Village’s Waterfront Revitalization Program.   Since its 1992 adoption, the LWRP and its enabling legislation has not been updated. There are discrepancies and recommended changes in procedures that should be incorporated.  The Village attorney and the Village staff have recommended appropriate updating of Chapter 225 of the Village Code.  The BFJ proposal is $11,000 for updating Chapter 225 and $65,000 for the work associated with the revision of the LWRP.
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