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CET Updates Families on “Moisture” Issue In Building

October 22, 2014

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those members of the CET community who attended our parent meeting on Tuesday, October 14 to discuss the findings of our ongoing air quality testing, visual examinations and related efforts. As promised, I am writing to provide another update on our work.

On October 15, our second environmental services company (EMS – Environmental Management Services of NY) returned to CET to conduct air quality sampling in rooms 214, the adjacent hallway, and the area outside the classroom. In addition to creating a second sample set to detect the presence of mold, air quality sampling is being conducted for humidity, carbon dioxide levels and temperature. This work will continue throughout the building to ensure that we maintain appropriate air quality.

On October 16, EMS also conducted visual inspections of all rooms, along with thermal imaging of carpets, walls and ceiling tiles. Additional air quality testing was also performed. Other air quality management measures – like the consistent examination and replacement of air filters performed by an outside vendor – continues to be instituted. District staff has also been actively involved in responding to any articulated concerns, checking all areas of the building, and working hand-in-hand with testing agencies.

No compromise to air quality has been detected in any of the testing that has been conducted. In a phone conversation to discuss testing results this week, EMS reported the following to us: “In very simple terms, the air quality in the rooms at the time we sampled was similar to that of outside [the building]. The testing that was done shows that there is nothing abnormal with respect to mold.” As a result, we will be moving students back into rooms 114 and 214 on Thursday, October 23.

I also had an extensive conversation with James Cutrone of the NYS Department of Labor, Division of Public Employee Safety and Health. (They investigate employee concerns for public workplace conditions). He affirmed that our efforts are appropriate and transparent, along with noting the prudence of conducting ‘backup’ testing with a second firm.

We will continue to share informational updates with the CET staff and families as needed. In conjunction with our CET PTA, we will schedule another public meeting where credentialed individuals (including a physician) will be part of a panel to update the public on the CET building conditions. We hope to schedule this for the month of November.

Thank you for your continued attention to this matter, and as always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.


Dr. Edward R. Fuhrman, Jr.

Superintendent of Schools

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