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Decoding Village Agendas – November 3, 2014

November 2, 2014

Regular Meeting of the Village Board


(Open to Public  – Televised)


PUBLIC HEARING: To consider the special permit renewal application from MetroPCS for a colocation of a personal wireless services facility located at 26 Veterans’ Plaza.  The Village engineer has recommended that the special permit be renewed for five years as there have been no changes to or issues associated with the facility as it currently exists.




  • Waterfront Advisory Committee; re: 379 South Riverside Avenue Special Permit Application for a mixed occupancy building – Preliminary Consistency Review.  The WAC  reviewed the application on October 16th.  It found that its preliminary review found it to be consistent with the Village’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP).  The WAC also made some recommendations regarding soil testing and that any underground tanks be removed.


    1. John Ghegan, Chairman, Croton Central Veterans Committee; re: Veterans’ Day.  Mr. Ghegan announces the annual ceremony will be held on Tuesday, November 11 at the Veterans Monument at Veteran’s Corners at 11:00 AM  In the event of  bad weather, it will be moved to the Community Room in the Municipal Building.


  • Jennifer Farmwald, Senior Project Manager, NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection; re: request for access to the Croton River for Data Collection.  The NYCDEP is conducting studies of the Croton River to develop a hydraulic model that will simulate the flow of water in the Croton River.  This work is being done as part of their preparation for the repair of the Delaware Aqueduct in late 2022.  At that time there will be increased usage of the Croton River will the Delaware Aqueduct is taken out of service for up to eight months.  In order to collect the data needed, they are requesting access to the Croton River through our properties on the river.
  • Dan Ahouse, Area Director, Government affairs, Cablevision; re: Program Changes.  Mr. Ahouse announces that new channels will be added to the Optimum espanol lineup. Customers will be notified through their billing.





  • The Village Board hereby determines that the Proposed Action, to accept the bequest from Mrs. Gouveia, is an Unlisted Action, declares itself to be Lead Agency for SEQRA purposes in connection with the Proposed Action, issues the EAF which it has before it in connection with the Proposed Action, issues the CAF which it has before it in connection with the Proposed Action, refers Mrs. Gouveia’s Last Will and Testament Paragraph SECOND, Sub-paragraph U, the EAF and the CAF to the Village Waterfront Advisory Committee for a recommendation back to the Village Board, refers Mrs. Gouveia’s Last Will and Testament Paragraph SECOND, Sub-paragraph U, the EAF and the CAF to any interested agencies in accordance with Village Law. The bequest of the Gouveia property at 1300 Albany Post Road requires a decision by the Village Board.  As the decision itself is an Unlisted Action under SEQRA, required steps must be taken prior to a final decision.  This resolution initiates the required steps. 
  • Adoption of October 20, 2014 LWRP Determination of Consistency Findings regarding Introductory Local Law 3 of 2014 PRE and RA-60 Rezoning.  At its meeting of October 20, the Village Board reviewed the Village’s 44 LWRP policies and directed the staff to develop a Findings statement indicating that they found the action to be consistent with the Village’s policies.  This resolution reflects the Board’s discussion and findings at its meeting.  It is required prior to a Board vote on the rezoning called for in Resolution ‘c.
  • Village Board of Trustees adopts Local Law Introductory No. 3 of 2014 which would amend the zoning code of the Village and official zoning map which would (1) add a new single family resident RA-60 District and district regulations and (2) amend the official zoning map to remap approximately 482 acres within the Village to Park, Recreation and Education (PRE) District from One Family Resident RA-40 (1 acre); and (3) amend the official zoning map to remap an approximately 425-acre portion of the Village from RA-40 to the new RA-60 District and upon adoption will become Local Law No 2 of 2014.  As stated, this resolution would result in the creation of a new, larger, residential zone – RA-60, approximately 1 ½ acre lots.  It would also result in several parks and open space areas to be re-zoned from RA-40 (single family residential) to Parks Recreation and Education (PRE).  Among those are Croton Point Park, the Brinton Brook and Graff Audubon Sanctuaries and a small portion of the Arboretum.  Additionally, the Hudson National Golf Course and some properties along Albany Post Road would become RA-60 from their current RA-40.    These changes were recommended in the Village’s Comprehensive Plan.
  • The Village Board hereby determines that the Proposed Action, to amend the zoning code of the Village to modify certain existing provisions regarding customary home occupations, is an unlisted action under SEQRA, declares itself to be the Lead Agency for SEQRA purposes, issues the EAF, issues the Coastal Assessment Form, refers to the Village Planning Board  the Draft Law for a report back to the Village Board, refers the Draft Law, the EAF and the Coastal Assessment form to the Westchester County Planning Board/Planning Department for review and directs Village staff to make any other circulations and notifications in accordance with Law.  As recommended in the adopted Comprehensive Plan, changes to the code as it applies to Customary Home Occupations are being proposed.  These changes add a definition of Customary Home Occupations and reflect the trend of more people working from their homes on a regular basis.  Parking availability, amount of space, preserving a residential façade, garbage and refuse restrictions, number of assistants, etc. are addressed in the proposed code.  This code proposal does not apply to professional offices such as doctors, dentist, lawyers, etc. which is addressed under a different section of the code.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the Inter-Municipal Agreement with Westchester County for participation in the Organic Waste and Recycling Program. This IMA is a renewal of an  agreement whereby the County removes the organic yard waste and leaves which the Village collects from residents.  The Village DPW aggregates the organic materials (currently at its lot at Municipal Place and South Riverside Ave.) and the County picks it up for a tipping fee of $16.56/ton; up from $16.32 in 2013. The proposed IMA will remain in effect until 2018 with an annual adjustment in fees equal to the Consumer Price Index each January.
  • The Village Board of Trustees declares the proposed Waster System chlorine contact time improvement project, a Type II action under SEQRA and determines that it will not have a significant impact on the environment.  This resolution moves ahead the project to provide increased chlorine contact time in the Village’s water distribution system by determining that the action is a Type II action under SEQRA and will not have any significant environmental impacts.  The increasing of chlorine contact time was mandated by the County Department of Health and will require permits from the NYS DEC and the Army Corps of Engineers. Chazen Companies had previously been hired to design the system which has been approved by the County Board of Health.



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