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Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition Candidate Endorsements for November 4, 2014

November 2, 2014

The following organizations have published voting guides and with the exception of the League of Women Voters, have endorsed candidates after vetting them from different perspectives.  As an organization, the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition has not surveyed or interviewed candidates on any topic. This compilation is provided as a convenience to members and as an encouragement for every citizen to vote knowledgeably. We do strongly encourage our members to ask questions of those running for office about Indian Point and to use their vote wisely.

Marilyn Elie

Sierra Club, Lower Hudson Group: Endorsement Committee members of this organization start the process in the spring when they send out a questionnaire to all candidates in Westchester, Putnam and Orange counties.  Follow up interviews are done before endorsements are made. Among other issues, candidates are vetted for their position on opposing Indian Point. In our area endorsements for NY State Senate are as follows: Andrea Stewart-Cousins, George Latimer, Justin Wagner, Tom Abinanti, Andrew Faulk, Sandy Galef, Kenneth Zebrowski, Ellen Jaffee, and James Skoufis. Please note that while other candidates on this list are firmly opposed to Indian Point, Sandy Galef is not. Thomas DiNapoli is endorsed for State Comptroller, Elliot Engel and Nita Lowey are endorsed for US Congress.  See the complete list of endorsements here:

Terry Gipson who is running for NY State Senate, is another candidate who is  forthright in his opposition to Indian Point.

The League of Women Voters: Long known for their candidate forums and nonpartisan service to the voters of Westchester, the League provides one of the most complete guides available. They do not endorse candidates, they ask them significant policy questions. Their guide includes biographical information, key endorsements, experience and qualifications, and contact information. Candidates are asked to answer questions on their priorities, energy and the economy, money in politics, education, and defense. The comments on energy policy are particularly revealing.  Rob Astorino calls for natural gas exploration, and investment in nuclear power.  Andrew Cuomo calls for developing sustainable solutions to meeting energy needs and transforming the electricity market.  You can see their complete guide with complete candidate responses including the propositions which will appear on the ballot. You can build your own ballot with just a few clicks to take into the voting booth with you at their site  and see the complete guide at

NYSUT: New York State Union of Teachers provides a guide to union endorsed candidates.  While the focus is primarily on public education, they also query candidate on unfettered access to health care, retirement issues, and labor rights.  Their guide outlines what they see as critical issues and provides a rationale for their endorsements.  Attorney General Schneiderman, and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli are strongly supported on a state level.  Conspicuous by his absence is Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Sean Patrick Maloney in CD 18 is strongly supported in what is seen as a key House race. Terry Gipson and Justin Wagner are endorsed for State Senate.  (Both are firm opponents of Indian Point.) as are Ellen Jaffee, Thomas Abinanti, David Buchwald, Kenneth Zebrowski, who are endorsed for State Assembly.  Assembly District 94 where Andrew Falk is running is listed as a key race.  NYSUT has endorsed the Smart Schools Bond Act which appears on the ballot as Proposition 3. While the site is geared to political action for members you can find the complete voter guide at

ProChoice, Voting Guide WCLA-PAC and ProChoice Voter: This single issue voting guide provides a comprehensive list of all candidates and endorsements for those who support a women’s right to control her own reproductive health.  Their complete voting guide is one line at  Endorsements for must win races include Nita Lowey, Sean Patrick Maloney, Andrew Cuomo, Thomas DiNapoli, Eric Schneiderman, George Latimer, Justin Wagner, Tom Abinanti, Andrew Falk. These candidates also oppose Indian Point.

Empire State Pride Agenda: This is a single issue voting guide endorsing pro-LGBT candidates.  Statewide the group endorses Andrew Cuomo, Kathy Hochul, Tom DiNapoli and Eric Schneiderman.  I did not see endorsements for NYS Senate or Assembly in our area in their printed material. Their website for endorsements is   However, when I visited the web site that page was down.  You can find information on the organization events at

Green Party of New York State: Green Party candidates for Governor Howie Hawkins and Lieutenant Governor Brian Jones are listed here by virtue of their policy on energy and sustainability which is remarkable.  More than any other party, the Green Party has clear priorities and common sense, practical solutions to taxes, jobs, energy, health care, housing and more that have been largely ignored by the media. A solid plank of their platform is the abolishment of nuclear power.  See for yourself at

SPECIAL NOTE: Terrance Murphy, who is running on the Green Party line is NOT a Green!   He actually had 18 college students sign up as Green Party members and then had them sign his nominating petition to get on the ballot.  This works through a quirk in the NY State election law because there are so few registered Greens in Westchester. While legal, this action does not qualify as ethical.  Evidently principles mean very little to this candidate. 


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