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Air Quality Test Reports In for CET

November 6, 2014

Dear Members of the CET School Community,

I would like to inform you that we continue to receive reassuring news from our ongoing air quality testing in CET. Three new reports on building conditions are now available on our district web site for your review:

The first two were conducted by Environmental Management Solutions of NY (EMS) between October 9 and October 21, 2014 and include:


Air Quality Report (11-4-14 EMS Indoor Quality Study Report).

This report provides information and results for tests conducted on components of air quality: carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels, relative humidity, temperature, and the presence or absence of mold and/or moisture.

The report notes that the entire building was ispected and that, as per industry standard protocols further testing was done when indicated.

The conclusion: “It is Environmental Management Solutions of NY’s opinion that the indoor air quality at the dates and times of the study was acceptable for building occupancy.”


Spore Trap Report (11-4-14 EMS Spore Trap Report)

This report provides test results for rooms 214 and 114, among other areas of the building.


QuEST Report (Q14-9400 Microbial Moisture Assessment Report 10-24-14).

QuEST is the other environmental consulting firm that the district has engaged in this process. This report also provides test results for rooms 214 and 114. It is presented for comparison and confirmation of the EMS results.


We will continue to receive additional reports over the next weeks and will alert you and post them as they come in.

Please submit any questions that you may have about the reports or air quality at CET to at your earliest convenience.  We have organized a panel of experts to address our community’s questions on Monday, November 17, 2014 from 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the CET Multipurpose Room.

Please know that you can also call me directly (271-5331) if you wish to discuss CET building issues further.



Dr. Edward R. Fuhrman, Jr.

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