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UPDATE – Holiday Tinged by Heartbreak; Valiant Fight Ends for Sam

November 22, 2014
Sadly, Sam McDonough passed away this past Monday, November 24.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Sam’s family and friends.
Dear Parents,
I don’t know how many of you have noticed that our teacher Darcey has not been at
Childrenspace for the past week and a half.  Darcey’s son Sam has Cystic Fibrosis,
and has been hospitalized at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan since a
week ago Thursday. Sam, who is 25, will remain in the hospital until he undergoes a
lung transplant.  Darcey and her husband Rich have been literally living at the hospital
under the most challenging conditions.  Hopefully, Sam’s condition will stabilize very
soon, and Darcey will feel comfortable enough to return to work.  Until then, we send
our hopes and prayers to her daily.
One of Darcey’s good friends suggested that she create a Go Fund Me Now page so
that family and friends could donate money to help Darcey and Rich with all the additional
expenses, besides the purely medical ones, that they will incur while waiting for Sam’s
surgery, and during the period of his recovery. Darcey was very reluctant to go public
and ask folks to donate.  Happily, her family and friends convinced her that she is not
asking for help, she is allowing folks to show their care and concern in a way that is
truly meaningful for Sam, for Darcey and for Rich.  So, below is the link to the gofundmenow
page; I hope that you will read it in that spirit.
Thank you all for your kind understanding.
with love, Sherry
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