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Decoding Village Agendas December 1, 2014

November 30, 2014

Organizational Meeting

8:00 PM

(Open to Public  – Televised)


(Note:  the annual organization meeting requires certain appointments and designations to be set for the year.  The following are the official steps that will be taken for the period of December 2014 through the next year beginning in December 2015.)


Mayor’s Appointments.


Filing of oath of office of newly elected members of the Board of Trustees.


Setting employee bond levels for Treasure, Deputy Treasurer, Court Clerk and Account Clerks in the amount of $500,000.


Official Depositories:  Chase Bank, Hudson Valley Bank, TD Bank, Citibank, TrustCo, Bank, Mahopac Bank and The Westchester Bank.


Designation of Official Newspapers:  The Gazette and Journal News on an as needed basis.


Setting of Meeting place, time and dates.


Adoption of Procurement Policy.


Note:   A regular meeting will immediately follow.


Regular Meeting of the Village Board



  • Review of the criteria for a Determination of Environmental Significance for the proposed acceptance of the bequest from Mrs. Laurel Gouveia.  As part of the steps needed  for an unlisted action under SEQRA,  the Village Board must make a determination of environmental significance regarding a future decision on whether to accept the bequest of the property at 1300 Albany Post Road.





  • Dan Ahouse, Area Director, Government Affairs, Cablevision, re: Channel Re-tiering and Launch of Optimum College Sports Pak.  Four channels will be re-tiered, or re-packaged, into Optimum Value, Optimum Preferred, Optimum Economy packages.





  • Village Board determines that the special permit renewal and modification application for 460 South Riverside Avenue is an Unlisted action under SEQRA, declares itself to be Lead Agency for the purposes of SEQRA, refers the special permit to the Village Planning Board for a repor5t back to the Village Board, refers the special permit application, Short Environmental Assessment Form and the Coastal Assessment Form to the Village Waterfront Advisory Committee for a recommendation back to the Village Board and directs the staff to notify Westchester County Planning Department of the application.  Shop-Rite supermarket is seeking to renew its permit and add 20,844 square feet to the maker, add parking and update associated site items such as lights, curbs, striping.  The supermarket first received a special permit in this location in 1977. 
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the proposal with Peter Gisolfi Associates of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY in the amount of $47,500 for the preparation of plans and construction documents for the replacement of the Municipal Building’s roof and repair of the masonry.   The Board met with Gisolfi’s representative at its November 24th work session.  As part of the planning for the proposed work, Gisolfi will also provide options which the Board may or may not decide to include prior to proceeding with the work.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the proposal with Peter Gisolfi Associates  in the amount of $29,000 plus reimbursable expenses for a site Feasibility  Study for a new Municipal Building and Public Works facility.   Police Dept. space and administrative offices in the Municipal Building and the Public Works garage are in need of space and repair.  The Board would like to look at the options available to the Village before proceeding with a major renovation of the Municipal Building and replacement of the DPW facility.  A needs assessment study going back to 2008 identifies significant deficiencies in the current facilities as they affect Police and Court operations.  Fixing these would require significant alterations in the existing building.  Before moving ahead with such a renovation, this feasibility study will help the Board understand what options, if any, are available.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the second change order submitted by Chazen in the amount of $25,345 for additional services including extra design work associated with special thrust block design, re-approval of sewage holding tank, temporary coffer, revisions to design of chlorine contact system, DEC and Army Corps of Engineering permit applications, and bidding and construction services.  Meeting the County Department of Health requirements to increase chlorine contact time is requiring additional work, identified above, to be performed by the Chazen Companies.


  1. Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the change order from WSP Sells of Briarcliff Manor, NY for administrative services, design of the water mains on Locanto and Munson Streets, missing water main on Truesdale Drive and preparation of as-built plans for submission to Westchester County Health Department for the Harmon Water Main Replacement Project in the amount of $87,400.  The water main replacement project has been expanded to include Munson and Loconto Streets.  Additional items such as a missing water main on Truesdale also have to be included in updated plans for the Board of Health to approve.
  2. Board of Trustees amends the Master Fee Schedule regarding water meter and radio interface module.  The fee schedule will reflect a lowering of the fee for certain water meters and for a radio interface module.
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