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Decoding Village Agendas – March 2 2015

February 28, 2015

Regular Meeting of the Village Board


 (Open to Public  – Televised)




Mayor appoints Official Depositories. Chase Bank, Hudson Valley Bank, TD Bank, TrustCo Bank, Mahopac Bank and the Westchester Bank will be designated as the Village’s official depositories.




  • Croton Friends of History; re: Stepping Stones, a series by Cornelia Cotton.  The Friends of History  is presenting stories by local resident Cornelia Cotton on Thursday, March 5, 7 pm at the Croton Free Library.
  • Neil and Shelley Harwayne, Croton residents; re: Thank you  The Harwaynes thank the DPW and Water Dept. for their aid and diligence during a water disruption at their home.





  • Village Board schedules a Public Hearing on Local Law Introductory No. 1 of 2015 to override the “property tax Cap” law enacted by the State Legislature.    Under the property tax cap, municipalities which exceed the  allowable cap are penalized unless they have previously passed an override law.  The New York Conference of Mayors (NYCOM) recommends the passage of the law annually in order to protect the municipality from penalties in the event they are unable to meet the cap.  The public hearing on this proposed law is scheduled for March 16, 2015 at 8 pm.
  • Authorizing the Village Treasurer to amend the 2014-2015 General Fund Budget to reflect insurance recoveries for Fire Department equipment repairs.  The insurance recoveries amount to $18,529.50.


  1. Authorizing the Village Treasurer to publish the unpaid taxes for the fiscal year 2014-2015.   The Village is required to publish the list of unpaid property taxes each year in the Village’s official newspaper.  The total amount of unpaid taxes for 2014-2015 is $104,723.57.
  2. Village Board of Trustees adopts the updated investment policy statement submitted by RBC Wealth Management dated February 2015.  RBC manages the investments of the Fire Department Service Award program for active firefighters.  They presented the Board with an updated investment policy statement at a work session on February 23 which the Trustees are endorsing with this resolution.
  3. Village Board endorses the Croton Yacht Club’s proposal as outlined and agrees to the fees to be imposed on non-boating associate members.  Under the lease agreement between the Village and the Yacht Club signed in 2014, the Yacht Club was  asked to study and develop a plan for offering social memberships to the Club.  The proposed social membership is modelled on the existing Associate Membership.  The Yacht Club itself would have to amend its by-laws to enact this new membership tier.  The Yacht Club conducted a survey of area clubs in coming up with their proposal. As proposed, a social membership would have an annual $300 fee ($200 for Seniors and Veterans) for Village residents with a Recreation Dept. ID.  This fee could be applied to a boating membership fee if the social member decided to upgrade.  Initially 30 social memberships would be offered.
  4. Village Board of Trustees agrees to all Croton-Harmon school district to use the Harmon Firehouse as an emergency center for the gathering of parents and the dissemination of information pertaining to a school emergency and directs the Croton-Harmon School District and the Croton Fire Department to establish and put in writing the protocol to be used in an emergency.  The School District has requested the ability to use the firehouse in an emergency at a meeting of Village and School liaisons on February 20. This resolution formalizes the Village’s support for this agreement.
  5. Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the Stop DWI Patrol Project Reimbursement contract with Westchester County commencing October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015.  The Village Police Department has been participating in this County-run program for several years.  The program is an overtime patrol effort to enforce the Traffic Code against intoxicated and impaired driving.  The program provides reimbursement  of up to $12,000 to participating departments.
  6. The Village Board of Trustees authorizes the Village Manager and Village Treasurer to work with the County and provide the necessary information so that the County can file a joint efficiency plan which includes Croton-on-Hudson.  Under the NYS Property Tax Freeze law, qualified homeowners can receive a credit under certain conditions, one of which is that the taxing entity (the Village in this case) creates and complies with a Government Efficiency Plan (GEP).  Such a GEP can be a joint plan of multiple taxing entities.  It must be filed with the State by June 1, 2015 and provide for 1% savings in the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 using the tax levy of 2014 as the base.


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