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NIOSH Findings at CET

March 8, 2015

Dear Parents and Staff:

Here is the link to a summary letter my office received yesterday from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.  Please click on the link to read the letter:

HHE 20150025 10 day letter final 3-5-15

As you may recall, this organization recently conducted a three-day examination of CET, and the letter summarizes the findings of the visit.

The work of NIOSH included interviews with nearly all staff members; review of all records and reports; and independent investigation of the facility. Ten observations/conclusions were presented by NIOSH in the letter, and we are thankful for the suggestions regarding the improvement of air quality, some of which are already under way.  It is important to note that NIOSH did not find any active moisture intrusion or visible mold.

Please take the opportunity to review the letter.  As always, I am happy to answer your questions at your convenience.




Dr. Edward R. Fuhrman, Jr.
Superintendent of SchoolsNIO

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