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Croton Tee-Ball- Volunteers Needed!

March 10, 2015

For 2015, we expect to have four Tee-Ball teams.  That means we need one head coach, and ideally two additional coaches for each of four teams.  We need YOU! As of now we have 1 head coach and 3 assistants.

Tee-Ball is non-competitive.  Everybody bats – every inning – and reaches base.  Everybody runs the bases and scores. The 2014 season began with chaos; every fielder chased every ground ball!  Many kids did not know which way to run the bases.  Hitting was a challenge.  By the end of the season, however, the players maintained their positions and came up throwing to first.  Improvements – both offensively and defensively – could be seen as the season progressed.  The kids made remarkable strides and had great fun doing it.

For 2015 the Tee-Ball division will be adopting a BIG BALL game that should be more fun while still teaching basic skills.

You do not have to have any coaching experience, all you need is a fan’s basic knowledge of the fundamentals of the game, and the patient willingness to share them with the kids on your team. You will be provided an outline to follow for practices and games which makes it very easy to plan your practices and drills. Each team needs one head coach and, ideally, two assistants to help out.  CLL provides all the equipment needed.  Generally there is a practice one weekday evening, and one game on Saturday or Sunday.  The time commitment is manageable – generally about 2 hours per week.  The rewards are immeasurable; worth the effort.
So please support your young T-Ball slugger by volunteering as a CLL T-Ball coach.  You will be glad that you did.

 If we can’t get enough volunteers to coach we wont be able to have a season.

RSVP to to volunteer!

Thanks and looking forward to getting the volunteers we need and allowing the kids to have a great time playing tee ball.

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