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Board of Education Advocacy Alert

March 19, 2015

Dear Croton-Harmon School District Residents:

We are facing the harsh reality of a Governor who is intent on predicating the amount of state aid public schools will receive on whether or not his political agenda for education is enacted.

As educational leaders, we want to share some of the emergency steps we are taking before the State Budget and the linked educational reforms are possibly passed on April 1st:

At our March 5 th meeting, the board and administration invited Ivelaw Carrington and Jennifer Moore, officers of the Croton Teachers Association, to provide their input as a demonstration of a united front as we put forth two resolutions:

The first called to reform Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2015 “Opportunity Agenda” for Education.

In summary, this long and detailed resolution states that while the district agrees with Governor Cuomo in that “access to education, from pre-kindergarten through college, can pave the way to economic and social opportunities – to better jobs and more successful lives,” many of the proposals in his Opportunity Agenda are untenable and will have significant damaging consequences. The resolution then lists examples of these consequences.

The second called on Governor Cuomo to desist from holding back his 2015-2016 State aid proposal and corresponding school aid runs and to post haste allocate the approximately $1.1 billion in additional school aid, which he proposed in his recent State of the State Address, to enable schools to prepare their budgets wisely and appropriately.

In summary it states, on behalf of the students and taxpayers of the Croton Harmon School District, that the Board of Education wants the Governor to cease his blatant use of educational funding as fodder for his legislative goals. There is no precedent for his holding the state aid runs “hostage,” or to link the amount of aid received to a governor’s laundry list of reforms.

Both resolutions were passed unanimously and have been sent to the governor and the legislators who serve our area or are on education committees. They are available for viewing under “Board of Ed/Recently Approved Resolutions” at

Over the next two weeks we will be working with community members to form a coalition and a letter writing campaign to get our message to Albany – and the number of participants is key: One letter-writing and awareness event has been organized for this Saturday morning, March 21 st from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Black Cow at 4 Old Post Road South. Another has been organized in conjunction with the Croton-Harmon High School Science Symposium, which will be held at the High School at 36 Old Post Road South, beginning at 6:30 pm on Monday, March 23 rd . Information about other opportunities will be forthcoming.

We hope we can count on you to be counted in support of public schools and the Croton-Harmon School district. You may contact us at with any ideas, comments or questions that you’d like to share.


The Croton-Harmon Board of Education:

Giuseppina Miller, President; Neal Haber, Vice President; Iris Bugliosi, Patrice Davidson, Joshua Diamond, Todd Freebern and Andrea Furey

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