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Format of Village Work Sessions Now Posted Online

March 26, 2015
Dear Neighbors,
As part of this year’s organizational meeting, which is held annually after the election, one of the topics reviewed was the format of Village Board work sessions. These meetings had traditionally been held in the small meeting room connected to the manager’s office in Village Hall with Board Members and invited guests seated at the table able to view the video screen if necessary and Village residents and other attendees in chairs around the room as space allowed. The audio was recorded and posted to the website within a few days. Over the past few months, the Board (with the assistance of Village staff) has made some improvements to the format which include: moving the location to the large meeting room which increases seating for invited guests and residents and provides the audience with an unobstructed view of the video screen during presentations, using microphones to improve the audibility of speakers to all attendees, and beginning with this week’s work session a video recording of all work sessions will be posted to the Village website within a few days.
Thank you.

Maria Slippen, Croton Village Trustee

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  1. Ted permalink
    March 27, 2015 11:23 am

    Croton United is taking full credit for this change in format. Is this claim true?

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