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Decoding Village Agendas – May 11 2015

May 11, 2015

Regular Meeting of the Village Board


 (Open to Public  – Televised)



Other – 370 South Riverside Ave., Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Policies in determining consistency.   The Waterfront Revitalization Committee has reviewed the application for a mixed use building at 370 South Riverside Ave. and issued a final determination of consistency with the Village’s LWRP.  The Village Board must also review the 44 policies and make its own finding of consistency.


    1. Mark Duncan, Recreation Supervisor; re: Summerfest.   Mr. Duncan requests permission to close some streets in the Upper Village on Sunday, June 7 for the 28th annual Summerfest event.  The streets would be closed from noon to 7 pm. Additionally, the parade preceding the event will begin at 12:45 at Veterans Corner and go down Old Post Road South, making a left turn at Grand Street, and ending in front of Holy Name of Mary Church.
    2. Rob Luntz, Chairman, Planning Board; re: 1 Baltic Place Zoning Amendment.  The request is for a change from RA-25 to C-1 Central Commercial for a 1.7 acre parcel adjacent to a commercial site which is in the Town of Cortlandt at the north end of the Village.  The site is at the corner of N. Riverside Ave. and Baltic Place and is currently undeveloped.  Wells Fargo Bank as well as a commercial building where Fino is located, is in the Town of Cortlandt.   The applicant/owner wishes to add 4,000 to 6,000 square feet of space on the overall site and increase the parking.  This would require a rezoning of the parcel.
    3. John Ghegan, Chairman, Croton Central Veterans’ Committee; re: Ceremony on Monday, May 25, 2015. Mr. Ghegan invites the board and all the public to its 2015 Memorial Day Ceremony at Veteran’s Corners at11:00am on May 25.  In case of bad weather, it will be held at the Municipal Building.
    4. Peter D. Marengo, President, Croton Little League; re:  request for Movie Night in Dobbs Park.  Croton Little League wants to hold a Movie Night on Friday, May 29 from 8 to 10 pm in the outfield at Dobbs Park to show a baseball-related movie.  They are requesting use of the DVD player, projector and screen from the Recreation Dept..  They would also require two parks personnel to be in attendance and would pay for the costs of both the equipment and the personnel.  They will ask people to stay off the infield.  It would be a free event and people would be able to bring their own chairs, blankets and food.
    5. Carrie E. Tompkins School Recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School.  To celebrate this recognition, there will be a student assembly, building tour and reception on Friday, May 22 from 8:45 am to 11:15 am.
    6. Tina Seckerson, Clerk, Westchester county Board of Legislators; re: Great Healthy Yard project.  Ms. Seckerson has attached a resolution passed by the Legislators endorsing this project.  The project educates people about how chemicals put in gardens and lawns wash into drinking water and the resulting consequences.


  • Eugene Parrotta, Executive Director, Purple Heart Homes NY Downstate Chapter; re: Introduction of organization and project.  The mission of the organization is to provide housing solutions for Veterans who are older and/or disabled. They are seeking help from the community  both as volunteers and in identifying veterans who are in need of this service.  Contact Mr. Parrotta at 646-271-0181 or email





  • Village Board of Trustees schedules a Public Hearing on June 1, 2015 at 8:00 pm in the meeting room of the Stanley H. Kellerhouse Municipal Building to consider Local Law Introductory No. 3 of 2015 to amend chapters 72  and 168 of the Village Code.  The proposed change to the laws eliminates wording that refers to the Recreation Superintendent which is a position which was eliminated about 5 years ago.
  • Village Board of Trustees schedules a Public Hearing on June 1, 2015 to 8:00 pm in the meeting room of the Stanley H Kellerhouse Municipal Building to consider Local Law Introductory No. 4 of 2015 to amend Chapter 223 of the Village Code to allow the Village to charge for testing of water meters.  The proposed change to the law clarifies that if a water customer requests  their water meter be tested, they will assume the costs of the testing.  If the test shows over registration by plus or minus 3%, the cost will be reimbursed.
  • Village Board of Trustees schedules a Public Hearing on June 1, 2015 to consider the special permit renewal application from Verizon Wireless for a colocation of a personal wireless service facility located in the Croton Harmon Train Station Parking lot.  Verizon’s 5-year permit requires renewal.
  • Village Board determines the Elliott Way Improvement project (the Proposed Action) to be an unlisted action under SEQRA, declares its intent to be Lead Agency, authorizes the circulation of the Application Package to all involved agencies and authorizes the Village Manager to submit the Application Package to the NYS DEC and the US Army Corps of Engineers.  This step moves the process of improving the road on Elliott Way in the section north of Senasqua to the area of the Yacht Club ahead.  Site Design Consultants have prepared a design which includes a separate pedestrian walkway, improvements to the road, replacement of a deteriorated culvert and installation of a new water main.  The design documents and the SEQRA documents have also  been prepared.  This step starts the SEQRA process and the review by the DEC and USACOE.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the proposal from MCM Consultants at a cost of $8,000 to analyze the Village’s current costs, draft a Request for Proposals for a merchant service provider and processor, and to evaluate the proposal and Authorizing the Village Treasurer to transfer funds from the General Fund’s Central Communications Account number A1650.4400 to Account Number A1325.4000.  Approximately 80% to 90% of parking revenue comes through credit card payments.  Credit card fees vary by provider, the gateway used, and the fees charged by the processor.  The village would like to determine if the Village could lower its credit card fees in order to maximize revenue.  As analyzing this requires specialized knowledge of the credit card industry, the Village would like to hire MCM Sales and Consulting LLC to perform the analysis, draft an RFP for a merchant service provider and and processor, and evaluate proposals received at a cost of $8,000.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the Agreement with the Town of Cortlandt whereby the Village will provide fire protection during 2015 to the Mt. Airy/Quaker Bridge Fire Protection District.   This is an annual agreement between the Town and the Village to provide fire protection to these areas.  The Town would pay $345,107.00 with $69,021.00 paid to the Fire Council and $276.086.00 paid to the Village.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to execute the (IMA) Inter-Municipal Agreement with Westchester County for the use of the Firing Range located in Valhalla, NY.  This renews an existing IMA with the County allowing Village of Croton police to use the state-of-the-art Firing Range in Valhalla, NY owned by the County for training purposes.
  • Authorizing the Village Treasurer to amend the 2014-2015 General Fund budget to reflect the receipt and subsequent disbursement associated with insurance recoveries for street lighting.  This is a bookkeeping measure to reflect the above insurance recoveries.
  • Authorizing the Village Treasurer to amend the 2014-2015 General Fund budget to reflect the receipt and subsequent disbursement associate with insurance recoveries for vehicle repair.  This is a bookkeeping measure to reflect the above insurance recoveries.
  • Authorizing the Village Treasurer to transfer $1,350,00 from the General Fund’s Contingency Account number A1990.4000 to the Off Street Parking Account number A5650.4000 for one day of  training for six enforcement officers for software upgrades to the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system.  The LPR software that the parking enforcement officers has been upgraded.  This approval will pay for their training on the software improvements.
  • Village Board of Trustees rescinds resolution approve at the January 20, 2015 Regular Village Board Meetingregarding a budget amendment.  The budget housekeeping resolution approved on January 20, was approved twice and this rescinds one of the two approvals.



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