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Action Needed on Spectra AIM project: Albany Petition Delivery and Call-in to Cuomo

October 13, 2015


New York State must use its power to prevent construction of Spectra’s new 42-diameter high pressure AIM natural gas pipeline at Indian Point nuclear power plant.  Approval was granted to begin work on the pipeline segment sited near 2 aging reactors, 40 years of spent radioactive fuel, and 2 fault lines in a densely populated area. Construction is imminent. We implore the Cuomo Administration to review the alarming new information obtained by FOIA from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that formed the basis for FERC’s approval of AIM.

How can you help?

Call Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390. Tell him to act immediately to protect his NYS constituents and demand an independent risk assessment of siting AIM’s pipeline at Indian Point.

SAPE, SEnRG, Grassroots Environmental Education, Community Watersheds Clean Water Coalition, the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, FrackAction, Food & Water Watch and other allies are in the Legislative Office Building, Room 130, Albany, NY for a press conference with NYS Assemblymember Sandy Galef and nuclear expert Paul Blanch RIGHT NOW.

Soon, they will deliver the SAPE petition with over 27,000 signatures to Governor Cuomo.

We demand that all work must be halted until a truly independent, transparent risk assessment is performed, subject to open peer review.

Experts have shown that in the event of a pipeline rupture, multiple explosions could result in loss of all electrical power and backup generation required to cool the nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools, thereby causing a Fukushima type of radioactive material release.  20 million people in a 50-mile radius of the plant, including the NYC Watershed, Hudson River, New York City, Wall Street and the US economy could be impacted by a nuclear accident at Indian Point. Governor Cuomo cannot allow this to happen.

Thanks for all you can do to stop this dangerous project.

For more information or to sign the petition, please go to:

Courtney M. Williams, PhD
Vice President, SEnRG
Safe Energy Rights Group

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