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Mother Self-care at Yoga Sol

November 10, 2015

A place for moms to take care of themselves @ Yoga Sol, every Sunday. 6-7:15pm. Embodied Healing w/ Alexa Oth LCSW, RYT. A special class designed to bridge the gap that trauma tends to forge between mind and body. During, and even long after trauma, grief, chronic pain or disease, cancer, addiction, disordered eating and/ or depression… our wounds may have healed but the fear and pain often get “stuck” in our soft tissue and emotional memory. We can start to live in a place of “high alert”- creating either anxiety, depression or often both. Through gentle movement, conscious relaxation, muscle release, breath and guided meditation we will learn to let go of some of these blocks. We will work on reconnecting with our bodies so we can start to remove the blocks keeping us from feeling integrated, free and fully alive. When we feel “embodied” we are able to connect with people and tasks in our lives much more authentically. This class is a safe space for students of all levels to find acceptance and self- compassion. No yoga experience is necessary. THIS CLASS REQUIRES PRE-REGISTRATION

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