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Decoding Village Agendas – November 16, 2015

November 14, 2015

Regular Meeting of the Village Board


 (Open to Public  – Televised)




  • Martin S. Evans, P.E., Regional Local Projects Liaison, NYS DOT; re: Design Approval of Parking Facility Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancements Project.    Mr. Evans notifies the Village that the DOT has approved the design for the Croton Point Avenue Improvement project and authorizes the Village to proceed with detailed design including preparation of plans,  specifications and contract documents.  Mr. Evans also notes that $250,000 had been allocated for preliminary and detailed design of which $215,000 has been reimbursed to the Village to date.
  • JoAnn Fannon, Chair, community Blood Program; re: Blood drive on Sunday, December 6, 2015.   Ms. Fannon reminds residents that the 91st community blood drive will be onSunday, December 6, from 9 am to 3 pm at the Croton-Harmon High School gym.  Donors must be at least 110 pounds, 16 to 75 years old and healthy. 76 and older need a Doctor’s note and 16 year olds need parental permission.  Official photo  IDs are required for all. For appointments call 271-7645 or 271-8449 or email\
  • Michael Grant, Business Owner, re: snow removal on sidewalks in front of businesses. Mr. Grant is asking that the Village develop a plan for removal of snow in the business area of the Upper Village on a regular basis which would help both business owners and their customers.


  • Village Board of Trustees considers adoption of Local Law Introductory No. 9 of 2015 to amend the zoning code of the village and official zoning map by rezoning the parcel identified as Section 67.10, Block 2, Lot 2 (1 Baltic Place) from RA-25 Residential District to the Commercial C-1 District and adding this parcel to the North End Gateway district.   The Village has been asked to rezone this parcel to Commercial  to enable the parcel it adjoins (in the Town) to be further developed in a manner consistent with the developed commercial Town parcel.
  • Village Board confirms it determination that the Elliott Way Improvement Project complies with the policy standards and conditions set forth in the Village’s LWRP.  The Board  completes its review of the proposed project by affirming that the proposal is consistent with the village’s LWRP after reviewing it at its last meeting and receiving recommendations from the Waterfront Advisory Committee.
  • Village Board confirms its determination that the Proposed Action, to adopt the updated Local Waterfront Revitalization Program, complies with the policy standards and conditions set forth in the Village’s LWRP.   The Village is required to review its proposed updated LWRP against the standards of the existing LWRP.  This resolution affirms that the Board has reviewed it and finds it consistent.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to enter into an agreement with the Croton Little League regarding the concurrent use of the fields and Press Box.    After building the Press Box with Village permission, the Little League donated it to the Village.  As it is now Village property, the LL is asking permission to use it concurrently with their scheduled games at the field.
  • Village Board of Trustees determines that it is in the interests of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson to participate in the Municipal Solar Buyers Group and authorizes and directs Village Manager to sign the Agreement on the Village’s behalf.   This authorizes the Village to participate in the Municipal Solar Buyers program managed under Sustainable Westchester of which the Village is a member.  Agreement to  participate in cooperative bids for the purchase of solar power under this agreement is subject to subsequent approval by the Village Board.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the 9/11 Inter-Municipal Agreement to assist in the funding of the ongoing maintenance and ownership of the 9/11 BCC Memorial.   This IMA is between the Village, Buchanan and the Town of Cortlandt.  It is intended to apportion the costs of maintenance and events held there.  The apportionment is 75% – Town of Cortlandt, 20% – Croton, 5% – Buchanan.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the STOP-DWI Crackdown Weekends Reimbursement contract with Westchester County commencing October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016.  This program provides reimbursement for costs incurred by Croton Police when participating  in this program  Croton has participated in this program for several years.
  • Village Board of Trustees authorizes the Village Manager to sign the proposal with En-Power in the amount of $4,900 for consulting services to complete Phase 2 & 3 of the feasibility study to convert the Municipal Building to natural gas.   Phases 2 and 3 include the evaluation of the conversion of the existing oil burner to a duel fuel or single fuel (gas) burner and also a determination that the existing gas main located nearby has sufficient capacity to accommodate the change. The Sustainability Committee has recommended this  proposal and it was discussed at a work session in October.
  • Authorizing the Village Manger to approve the proposal from Dvirka & Bartilucci in the amount of $4,000 for the completion of 30% design for Phase II of the High Street Drainage Project.  To accommodate concerns of a homeowner on the street, the original project has changed. A proposal for a  revised scope of $4,000 is for the 30% design for Phase 2 of the High Street project.  Phase 1 has been completed by the Village.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the proposal from Dvirka & Bartilucci Consulting Engineers for the development of detail design documents, necessary permitting and assistance in bidding of the bridge and culvert structure located at the Village’s Water Supply Facility.  The Board had previously approved the work on the bridge and culvert to be performed with the work to be done by the Commissioner of Public Works who has since left the Village.  D&B had already performed a preliminary analysis design for this work and  has now submitted a proposal for that work in the amount of $62,830.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to approve the proposal from Dvirka & Bartilucci for detailed specifications and bidding assistance for the Storm Water Management Basin Outlet Structure and Culvert Improvements for the Georgia Lane Storm Water Retention Pond.  The Village had previously retained D&B to model the storm water pond and watershed and make recommendations for improvements.  They have provided a proposal of $26,000 to perform the next phase of the project as specified above.
  • Authorizing the Village Manager to sign change order 3 from Heitkamp, Inc. in the amount of $168,900 for line items that went over the estimated amounts such as asphalt binder, top course and installation of new valves at the intersection of Olcott and Wells.    As the work on the planned phases for the water infrastructure improvements progress faster than anticipated,  Heitkamp was engaged to do the above work at the Olcott/Wells intersection while the company  still was present in the Village.  These are costs associated with the addition of this area to the overall improvement program.
  • Authorizing the Village Treasurer to open both sides of the General Fund budget to record the receipt and subsequent disbursement associated with overtime associated with the Clearwater Festival.  $11,367.04 was received for overtime associated with the festival and it is being disbursed into appropriate accounts.
  •  Authorizing the Village Treasurer to make budget transfers to amend the 2014/2015 year-end budget.  Based on the auditors year end journal adjustments, the Treasurer is authorized to make budget modifications to various accounts in the General Fund and the Sewer fund
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