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Beware Social Media Users: Mayor Elect Greg Schmidt and Croton United May Be Watching

November 17, 2015

Not content with his win in this month’s Village election,  Gregory Schmidt filed a complaint with the Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee.  The FCPC publishes their findings here.

Cited in the complaint were the co-chairs of the Croton Dems campaign and one candidate for Trustee.  The candidate cited liked Facebook posts on the Croton Dems Facebook page, which appears to be reason enough for slapping the candidate with unfair campaign practice charges, as demonstrated by these images from the complaint below. WatchCroton welcomes any proof that this is not the case, because it is profoundly unsettling and does not bode well for Croton’s future governance.


Due to our unfortunate interactions with Croton United’s chair and spouse in the past, this seems an awful lot like another attempt to chill public participation in the political process.  

The FCPC was created to help set an acceptable standard for political discussion by offering a forum for identifying unfair campaign practices and promoting a climate in which candidates conduct honest and fair campaigns.

According to their manual, “All Candidates or parties to the complaint wishing to quote from a Finding must quote the specific Finding in its entirety as it appears in the body of the news release. They should not reproduce and distribute the release itself so as not to compromise private phone numbers. The Committee considers selective quotation or misrepresentation of its findings to be an unfair campaign practice and will be reported as such.”  You know , kind of like this. Or this. Or this!

So, in the future, if you choose to participate in social media, please choose your friends wisely, because your casual endorsements may have unintended consequences.


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