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Montrose 9 on Trial! Massive Court Support Needed!

December 17, 2015

Friday, January 15, 2016, at 12 PM
Cortlandt Town Court
Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567
The Montrose 9 are taking their case to trial for blockading one of Spectra Energy’s AIM Pipeline Wareyards on route 9A.
We have all plead NOT GUILTY to our charges, as our action was preventing a larger crisis for the NYC Metropolitan Area as Spectra Energy continues to feverishly build its enlarged fracked gas pipeline just shy of the aging Nuclear Power Plant, Indian Point. This is a disaster waiting to happen as we hear from Spectra Energy safety inspection whistleblowers that they are operating gravely below any safety standards, and Indian Point is now operating despite having 2 expired licenses. If the law will not stand up to this, we must make these measures to change the law by standing up to it, even though that means sacrificing our freedoms and resources to do it. Please contact media, bring your neighbors and families to the courtroom. Dress to impress, and please behave well in the courtroom. Quiet, polite and kind is the best way to support us.

And PLEASE donate to our legal expenses!

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