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Decoding Village Agendas – February 1, 2016

January 30, 2016

Regular Meetings of the Village Board


 (Open to Public  – Televised)


PRESENTATION/OTHER:  The Village Board of Trustees to review the 44 policies of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program to determine consistency with its policy standards and conditions regarding the proposed special permits for 379 South Riverside Avenue.  This is a procedural step in the processing of the application for a mixed use occupancy building at the location of the former Nappy’s at the corner of South Riverside Avenue and Benedict Blvd.  Although the Waterfront Advisory Committee (WAC) has made its recommendation that the proposal is consistent with the LWRP, the Board of Trustees must also make its own findings on the application before proceeding.


PUBLIC HEARING:  Public Hearing regarding the renewal of a special permit application for a Motor Vehicle Service Station and sale of used cars located at 365 South Riverside Avenue. The current permits for these uses have expired and the applicant seeks to renew them.  This is the site of the former Croton Dodge car dealership. 



  1. Gwen Kaebnick, St. Augustine Episcopal Church; re: Permission from the Village to hold a 5k race starting at 9 am on Saturday, May 7, 2016.  St. Augustine Church is requesting support from the Village for traffic control, use of restrooms at Senasqua Park, and cones from the Recreation Dept.  This is an annual event for St. Augustine’s church which benefits the Croton-Cortlandt Food Bank.  The event occurs along the Hudson River waterfront between Half Moon Bay and Croton Landing and is time to be completed by 10 am.
  2. Jo-Ann Dyckman, Town Clerk, Town of Cortlandt; re: Proposed local law establishing a moratorium on certain uses under the Town’s zoning ordinance. Enclosed in the letter is a public hearing notice for 7:00 PM on February 9, 2016 at the Cortlandt Town Hall and a copy of the draft local law. The Village is required to be noticed as an adjacent municipality. This action is in connection with the Town’s updating its Comprehensive Plan.  The proposed plan contains some approaches to various uses and concepts for new development which would require amendments of existing provisions of the Zoning Law. The moratorium would prevent that new applications during this period might be contrary to what is being proposed in the updated Comprehensive Plan. It would restrict applications of a certain type pending adoption of the updated plan but would expire on June 30, 2016 unless extended by the Town Board.


  1. Village Board of Trustees schedules a Public Hearing on March 7, 2016, at 8 pm in the meeting room of the Stanley H. Kellerhouse Municipal Building to consider the issuance of a special permit for a mixed use occupancy building located at 379 South Riverside Ave.  This is the next step in connection with the proposed mixed use occupancy building that is the former Nappy’s site.
  2. Authorizing the Village Manager to enter into agreement with Buckhurst Fish & Jacquemart (BFJ) Planning in the amount of $7,500 for Phase 2 of Comprehensive Plan update to include SEQR review and approvals, which is necessary for the Village to adopt an updated Comprehensive Plan.  The Village is updating its 2003 Comprehensive Plan.  BFJ will perform the SEQRA procedural work and also conduct public input on the updated plan.
  3. Authorizing refinancing of Bonds issued in 2006 and 2007.  A total of $2,267,100 in serial bonds issued in 2006 and 2007 will be refinanced to take advantage of current financial conditions.
  4. Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the proposal from Dvirka & Bartilucci for storm water management assistance.  The Village is required to maintain compliance with the NYSDEC Phase II Storm Water regulations on an annual basis.  D&B has been engaged by the Village on an annual basis to perform the tasks required to maintain compliance.  D&B would prepare the 2016 reports, conduct and document a Municipal Operation and Facilities Self-Assessment demonstration and continue the Outfall Inspections for $7,000.
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