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Mayor Schmidt: “Hey, Hey, No Way on CCA”

February 4, 2016

Interesting letter from the “mayor of Croton” in this week’s Gazette.  It would appear our mayor does not think it’s “likely” the residents of Croton are able to understand communications from Con Edison, or for that matter, communications from the Village.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest update from Croton Climate Initiative’s Leila Goldmark:

UPDATE on Croton CCA from Monday’s Board of Trustees Meeting.

Despite receiving more than 330 petition signatures voicing support for the CCA and asking the Trustees to put the CCA on the agenda for Feb. 1, they chose not to.

It appears that no concrete action will be taken any time soon. It continues to be the case that “outreach and education” is the only reason that the Trustees are raising to reject the CCA, not any specific features of the program itself. Yet there are no concrete plans to conduct any outreach and education in the near term (despite Trustees Gallelli and Pugh asking for that to happen how).

You can watch the meeting webcast here:

Relevant portions of the discussion: 0:48-1:12 Trustees respond to questions about the CCA submitted by email & Trustee Pugh attempts to add a Resolution to the agenda that would place CCA on the agenda for the Fab. 16 Trustees Meeting. 1:19-1:21 Trustees vote to REJECT Resolution putting CCA on the Feb. 16 Agenda. 1:30-2:30 public comment period. Well worth the time to watch what regular people have to say.

A number of people have asked me for a copy of the comments I submitted on Monday.  They do not address the details of the CCA, but rather, they way this issue is being handled in our community.  They are attached for anyone who cares to read them.  Part of the public record.

If the CCA issue matters to you, the time to contact the Trustees is now.  The more transparent and public your communication the better.  Then it can’t be ignored (well, it can still be ignored, but everyone will know about it and see just how public opinion is being “considered” by this Board).



LG CCA comments (2-1-16)

LG CCA comments (2-1-16)

LG CCA comments (2-1-16)

LG CCA comments (2-1-16)

LG CCA comments (2-1-16)


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