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A Letter From Trustee Pugh

February 12, 2016
From this week’s Gazette, here by request and by permission:
To The Editor:
I am puzzled by why the majority on the Village Board seems to believe that participation in Community Choice Aggregation is a decision that requires months of “outreach” while rejecting CCA is a decision that will have economic and environmental consequences for our community, yet requires no outreach and little discussion.
One of the Croton United Trustees made the conservative guesstimate that CCA would save the typical household almost $100 annually–that’s about a quarter million dollars pumped back into our local economy per year. As another Croton United leader said at the 1/19 Board meeting, “the program will offer modest, but real, savings to those who agree to participate.  Perhaps more importantly, it will offer customers who so choose, the option to obtain all of their electricity from renewable sources.” By stimulating local green power generation, as stated by Mike Gordon from Sustainable Westchester at several public meetings, CCA will strengthen the Village’s efforts to develop a microgrid– an emergency backup power grid for the community.
Aren’t these things the public should know before we pass on CCA?
The new majority has been in office for some-sixty days and has known about CCA for months—indeed there was a platform plank on their campaign web site about it. Yet the new administration has made no meaningful effort to educate the public or solicit public comment beyond what the previous administration did (to date, though, public comment on the issue at Village Board meetings has been overwhelmingly supportive).
The administration rejected my suggestion on 1/12 for a community-wide e-mail and robocall on the topic.  The administration ignored a draft informational e-mail prepared by the staff on 1/27.  After the mayor’s condemnation of the previous administration for so-called lack of outreach and his request to Sustainable Westchester (which was granted), such silence is inexplicable.
There is no need for CCA to become a political football.  CCA was endorsed unanimously by the County Legislature and currently five Republican-led Westchester communities are participating in CCA.  If the administration chooses to join this coalition for conservation, before the 2/16 deadline, I will be the first to thank them.
Brian Pugh
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  1. Mrs. Bruno permalink
    February 14, 2016 6:24 pm

    Truthiness at work.

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