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Protect Water Pipes from Extremely Cold Temperatures

February 12, 2016

We are expecting extremely cold temperatures over the next few days. The following are tips you may wish to follow to protect your home’s plumbing from extreme winter conditions:

• Cover all outside exposed pipes

• Check for and repair any drafts in your doors & foundation

• Leave Kitchen & Bathroom cabinet doors open

• Cut off water & drain water lines from vacant houses

• Set heat no lower than 55 degrees

• Heat outside or exposed utility rooms

• Confirm that water to the outside spigots have been turned off

• In extremely cold conditions you may consider leaving faucets dripping slightly overnight

• You will know the pipes have frozen if water will not come from the faucets.

** If pipes at your home should freeze, consult a plumber immediately and cut off main water valve located in your home.**

Note: NEVER use an open flame to thaw pipes

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