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It’s Now or Never – A Note From Trustee Pugh

February 16, 2016
Dear Neighbor:

One argument being made against Community Choice Aggregation is that people “don’t want the government telling them what to do.”  I’d respectfully ask Croton residents with that concern to consider the following:

1.  New York State government, not individuals, dictated the fact that Con Edison, the most expensive utility in the U.S., is our default supplier of electricity.

2.  With CCA, individuals may choose to stay with Con Edison or a new electric supplier, selected by the Village and other participating Westchester communities through competitive bidding.  The new supplier with also been required to supply power for a price lower than the average Con Ed price over the last 12-months.  Con Ed will still be our utility and responsible for billing and maintaining the power lines.

3. Without CCA, none of us will have the option of using a new default supplier–at a time when Con Ed is seeking to increase electric rates and Energy Information Administration predicts higher energy prices across the board.

So make no mistake: if we reject CCA, the Village will be telling you what to do, will reduce your energy choices and likely make you to pay more for power.

My Democratic colleague, Ann Gallelli, and I have twice tried to get the Board to adopt CCA.  Both times, CCA has been rejected  by the Croton United majority on the Village Board.  Tonight is the last meeting where the Board can vote to participate in CCA due to the program’s deadline.


Brian Pugh
Croton-on-Hudson Village Trustee

Further Reading on CCA
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