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Croton United Chair Wants Your Info

April 1, 2016

WatchCroton has recently learned that Croton United’s chairwoman has submitted a Freedom Of Information request for :

  1. Any and all documents containing the names of any recipient of Trustee Gallelli’s “Decoding Village Agendas” messages.
  2. All copies of Decoding Village Agendas that have been sent by Ms. Gallelli in her capacity as a trustee representing all residents.
  3. Any and all correspondence by and/or between any officer, agent or employee of the village concerning any issue of Decoding Agendas.

Our tax dollars at work folks.

We’ve been the victim of attempted intimidation from this individual. Anyone who is receiving Decoding Village Agendas should be disgusted and, frankly, worried that their information will be shared with the requestor.

WatchCroton has proposed that Croton United submit their own Decoding Agendas for publication.  Apparently that’s not going to happen.  It’s much less work to task a paid employee of the village with providing names of innocent residents who just want to know what’s going on at board meetings presented clearly and concisely.

Here’s hoping that any and all FOIL requests become an agenda item for a future meeting.

Then we can all hear what our village staff has been asked to compile on your dime, and what kind of information on residents is being put in vengeful hands.

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