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Decoding Village Agendas – April 4, 2016

April 2, 2016

Looks like Shop Rite is heading for expansion.  Look for lots more traffic on Croton Point Avenue and South Riverside.

Decoding Village Agendas – April 4,  2016

Regular Meetings of the Village Board


 (Open to Public  – Televised)


PRESENTATIONS/OTHER:  The Village Board to review the Short Environmental Assessment Form Part 2 as it relates to the proposed zoning change at 120 Scenic Drive West in order to make a determination of significance for SEQRA purposes.    A proposal to rezone a parcel on Scenic Drive West (the current Hendry building), from O-2 to RA-25 is under consideration.  The Planning Board has made a positive recommendation for this change citing  a residential zoning as being in keeping with surrounding zoning and uses.  A Local Law has been introduced to effect this zoning change and the Village Board has declared itself Lead Agency for SEQRA purposes.   The Board will review the specifics of the Short EAF as a step to making a determination of significance for the proposed zoning.


PUBLIC HEARING:  To consider the issuance of a Special Permit for Shop Rite Supermarkets, Inc. at 460 South Riverside Avenue.   ShopRite Supermarkets is seeking a special permit renewal and modification of its site development plan for a proposed expansion of  its operations. The Village Board is the Lead Agency under SEQRA.  It has previously referred this proposal to the Planning Board, Waterfront Advisory Committee and County Planning for comment and recommendation. All have provided favorable recommendations.  If the Public Hearing is closed, the Board will consider a resolution approving the proposed modifications to the ShopRite site and approval of Special Permit renewal.  The application would then return to the Planning Board for approval of the specifics of its site plan.



  1. John Goldberg, Croton Music Center; re: Request for permission to use Vassallo Park on Saturday, June 11, 2016 from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM for a music performance by students of the Croton Music Center.  A rain date of June 18th has been proposed.  Mr. Goldberg states that it will be an afternoon of music which is open to all.  The students have been preparing for this throughout the year.  The park would and event would be open to all at no cost to attendees.  He would also like to make this an annual recurring event if possible.
  2. Jillian Nelson, Account Executive, New York Power Authority; re: Reduction of 2.3% in the current base production rates of electricity costs for Westchester County Governmental customers.  The NYPA price reductions will apply to government electric power costs. They take effect as of March 2016.
  3. Patricia Anderson, Regional Outreach and Emergency Services Director, United Way 2-1-1; re Addition of an online database to the United way’s 2-1-1 website designed to proved easy searches for Hudson Valley residents seeking disability resources, both intellectual and developmental.  Ms. Anderson is asking the Village to make this new online database and its resources known to the public through its own information dissemination resources.



  1. Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the agreement with  the Croton Little League regarding the concurrent use of the fields and Press Box.  The proposed agreement covers the ownership, uses and liabilities associated with the recently constructed Press Box in Dobbs Park.  The Village will own the facility but maintenance and liabilities associated with it are the responsibility of the Little League organization.
  2. Authorizing the Village Treasurer to amend the 2015-2016 General fund in the amount of $11,687.50 to reflect monies received for the Toughman Event.  This is a budget housekeeping item to reflect the payment from the Toughman for expenses incurred by the Village at its 2015 event.
  3. Authorizing the Village Treasurer to amend the 2015-2016 General Fund in the amount of $5,588.73 to reflect monies received for Westchester County Traffic – STOP DWI.  The Village Police Dept. participates in this County program.  The County reimburses overtime expenses associated with Croton’s involvement.
  4. Authorizing the Village Manager to sign the 2016 Inter-Municipal Agreement with the Town of Cortlandt for ambulance services within the Mt. Airy Quaker Bridge Fire District.  As in past years, the Town will reimburse the Village for the Croton Emergency Services provision of emergency services within the Mount Airy Quaker Bridge Fire District. The amount for this year, 2016, is $66,043.00.
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