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Decoding Village Agendas – May 9, 2016

May 7, 2016

Regular Meetings of the Village Board


 (Open to Public  – Televised)


PRESENTATIONS/OTHER:  Samantha Epstein, Invasive Species Program Coordinator for the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, to present about the issue of Hydrilla in the Croton River.  Hydrilla is an invasive species that mats the surface of the water which is happening in the Croton River.  Consequences are fish kills, reduced native vegetation, can grow toxic algae, clogs waterways and can hinder recreational activities.  This situation is of concern in Croton as it threatens the Croton River in the area of Black rock and Silver Lake Parks.  The NYSDEC is administering a project that will address this situation which Ms. Epstein will speak on.

PUBLIC HEARING:  Public Hearing to consider Local Law Introductory NO. 4 of 2016 to amend the zoning code of the Village and official zoning map by rezoning the parcel at 120 scenic Drive West, identified as Section 67.10,Block 2, Lot 5 from an O-2 Limited Office parcel to an RA-25 Residential District.  The Planning Board and Village Board have been considering this application, for which the Village Board is Lead Agency.  It is the location of the Hendry Building 9 empty office building) on Scenic Drive West.  The applicant is seeking the residential zoning in order to build two single-family homes at the location.  It is bounded on three sides by RA-25 single family homes and, on one side, by Scenic Ridge townhouses.


  1. Patrick Calcutti, Chairman, Fox Eklof Post 505 American Legion Memorial Day celebration to be held at 11:00 am on May 30th at the Croton Veterans’ Monument on Cleveland Drive and Old Post Road South.  Mr. Calcutti is inviting members of the Board and the public to the event at Veterans’ Corners.
  2. Linda Puglisi, Supervisor, Tow of Cortlandt; re: Invitation to the Town’s Memorial Day Celebration to be held on Friday, May 27, 2016, at 1:30 pm at the Muriel H. Morabito Community Center located on Westbrook Drive in the Town of Cortlandt.
  3. Robert Luntz,Chairman of the Village Planning Board; re: Village Planning Board has received a preliminary subdivision application for a three-lot subdivision at 175 Old Post Road North, and at its meeting on April 16, 2016, declared its intent to be Lead Agency for SEQRA purposes in connection with the prosed action.  Under SEQRA, as the Village may have to issue some permit approvals in conjunction with the proposed subdivision, they are an “involved agency” and as such must be given notice of the Planning Board’s intention to be Lead Agency.
  4. Daniel O’Connor, Village Engineer; re: Recommending that the Wetlands Activity Permit fee be waived for Trilium Invasive Species Management, Inc. which will be providing phragmites eradication treatment at the Jane E. Lytle Memorial Arboretum in September 2016.  The Arboretum is located on Village land and, as such, the permit fees would be waived.
  5. Daniel O’Connor, Village Engineer,; re: Recommending that the Building Permit #20130087 be extended for the repair and replacement of the roof structure of a commercial building at 68 Brook Street.  The recommendation is to extend the permit to October 2016 to permit the work to be completed by the owner.
  6. Michael Corso, Consumer Advocate and Director, Office of Consumer Services; re: Notification of information sessions and public hearings scheduled around the State regarding the Clean Energy Standard Program, which mandates by the year 2030, half of electricity used in the State will come from renewable resources. The program is seeking input and comment on the White Paper and Cost Study.  An overview of the program will be provided and what it means to consumers.
  7. Daniel O’Connor, Village Engineer; re: Recommending that the owner of 52 Melrose Avenue be refunded no more than 50% of the $275 Zoning Board application fee.  The owner sought a variance and paid the fee, based on information about the property which was not known at the time he purchased the property.  This was due to old records from the 1930s and 1940s being  lost or otherwise unknown.  A recent summer intern found these files while doing records work for the department. Based on the new found information, the Engineer is recommending a refund of no more than 50% of the fee as there were some costs to the Village involved in the application


  1. Authorizing the Village Manager to award the contract to Gentech LTD of New Windsor, New York  in the amount of $62,661.00 for the replacement of the Half Moon Bay Generator.  Five bids were received for this job.  Gentech LTD was the low bidder.  They also perform the maintenance and repairs on all emergency generators owned and operated by the Village.
  2. The Village Board of Trustees refers the Special Permit application from Lauren Habib Scollins and Sean Scollins to change the legal non-conforming use at 160 Cleveland Drive to another legal non-conforming use to the Planning Board in accordance with Village Law.  Before the Village Board can act on this application it must get a recommendation from the Planning Board. The property in question is the small building at the Five Corners where Cleveland Old Post Road South and Radnor meet, formerly occupied by The Gazette.
  3. Authorizing the Village Manager to sign three Inter-Municipal Agreements with the Town of Cortlandt for shared services including the removal of appliances containing Freon, purchasing and sharing equipment. These agreements have been in place for several years.  This resolution would extend the agreements for 2016.
  4. Authorizing the Village Treasurer to amend the 2015-2016 General fund Budget in the amount of $458.28 for insurance monies received for the repair to curbing on Lower Grand Street due to a vehicle accident.  This is a budget housekeeping resolution.
  5. Authorizing the Village Treasurer to transfer $3,987 from the Water Fund Contingency Account to the Water Distribution Equipment Repairs Account to cover the WD Excavation & Contracting Inc. invoices to repair water main leak at South riverside Avenue.  A recent water main leak cause extensive damage on South Riverside which requires monies to be transferred from Contingency to pay for the repairs.
  6. Authorizing the Village Manager to award the contract for EMT services to the Mid-Hudson Ambulance District for a period of one (1) year from June 1, 2016, through May 31, 2017, with the possibility of an extension for three (3) additional Year terms.The Village has been contracting for these supplemental EMS services since 2011.  The rate is $20/hour.
  7. Village Board to consider issuing a special permit to the Blue Pig Ice Cream store for the sale of ice cream at Croton Landing for the duration of the summer season.  Selling within a Village Park requires a permit.  The Blue Pig is seeking permission to sell through September 30, 2016, and beginning the month of May.
  8. Authorizing the Village Manager to sign Change Order 1 from Chazen Company in the total amount of $10,000 to cover engineering services needed to complete the bid documents and technical assistance during the bidding process for the corrosion control project.  The project is mandated by the County Dept. of Health.  It was designed by Chazen and, under this change order, would provide services to complete the bid documents  and assistance during the process.
  9. Authorizing the Village Manager to approve the proposal from Elm Electric and Change Order 1 from Woodard and Curran for the total amount of $6,375.00 for the additional SCADA connection to well House #2 and firewall upgrade.  The SCADA system is the new automated system for the operations at the Water Dept.  This change order is for some additional work  to be done.
  10. Authorizing the Village Manager to approve the proposal from Subsurface Technologies, Inc. in the total amount of $15,043.00 for additional work related to the installation of the generator and work in well house #1 and #4.  The work covered in this change order includes generator propane piping, plumbing work, new check valves  in well house 4 and maintenance work on the pump motor in well house 1.  The monies are charged to Water Fund accounts.
  11. Authorizing the Village Treasurer to transfer $16,990,00 from the General fund Contingency Account to Street Maintenance – Contractual Account to cover the purchase order to Tom Quartuccio, Jr. LLC for the relocation and rebuilding of the damaged stone pillars on North Highland Place.  As this was an unexpected expense, it is being transferred from the Contingency Account.


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