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Politicization of Not-for-profit Party Prevented

May 7, 2016

Croton Harmon Education Foundation’s Under the Stars gala was blessed with great weather, good food and fantastic entertainment, all to support the Croton-Harmon School District. Village Trustee Bob Anderson even donated his time to help park cars at the event. Unfortunately, any pretense of civic involvement on Trustee Anderson’s part was immediately undermined by the presence of a photographer snapping picture after picture of Mr. Anderson directing traffic. Apparently good works mean nothing if they don’t help to further your career.

A director of the Education Foundation approached the purported paparazzi to inquire why he was there and was informed that he was documenting the event for Croton United and for “Maria”.  Apparently this individual is one of the “elves” constantly mentioned by  a local blog known for supporting Croton United and for keeping a tight rein on any comments not in line with her political persuasions.  After being informed that the Croton Harmon Education Foundation does not get involved in politics, it’s unknown whether the photographer left, or if Trustee Anderson continued his “good works.”  I guess we’ll have to check out the Croton United Facebook page to find out.

WatchCroton hopes to snap this very busy photographer at the next Croton community event and post his picture.  The unsuspecting parents of the innocent children of Croton need to be aware of who is shooting pictures of their kids without permission and posting them on a political Facebook page.

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