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Local Candidate Drops Out of State Senate Race – 2 Challengers To Senate Seat Remain

May 31, 2016

Dear Cortlandt Democratic District Leaders,

I have decided to suspend my campaign for NYS Senate. This was not an easy decision, but, I believe, is the right one.

Our number one priority has to be to get Terrance Murphy out, and flip this seat. It’s going to be an expensive race, and adding the cost of a primary will take away from whatever resources are available. Below is from my press release:

One thing Andy, Ali and I all have in common is the belief that we each would make a great senator. And we would: we agree on the desperate need for campaign finance and ethics reform in Albany, and we have each pledged not to caucus with the IDC, a group which has effectively given Senator Murphy and his GOP colleagues total obstructionist control of the senate.

However, a primary race, no matter how spirited and positive, could seriously undermine our biggest priority: getting Terrence Murphy out of office. This election is far too important to risk that.  It is with the best interests of the party, and the residents of the 40th District in mind, that I am taking the lead  to clear the playing field, and suspend my campaign. We must stand united as one party behind the candidate party leaders have chosen, and I call upon Andy Falk to join me in uniting for the good of us all.

The one thing more important than any  of our individual aspirations is replacing Terrence Murphy. Terrence Murphy has slipped right into the dirty Republican machine, failing to pay taxes and disclose his income and business interests, filling his campaign coffers with money from crooked developers, and sitting on an “ethics committee” which has not met once since he took office. He must be stopped, and together we can do it.


Being asked to run for Senate has been one of my life’s great honors, and this campaign has been humbling and heartening. I thank my many campaign volunteers, organizers and donors for their strong and enthusiastic support. This is not to say my work is done: I will continue to fight against the dangerous Spectra Pipeline, which must be stopped, despite Senator Murphy’s silence. I will also continue to fight to keep taxes low and devote more resources to battling our addiction epidemic. Ethics and campaign finance reform are still desperately needed, and I will continue to advocate for closing the LLC loophole, increased reporting requirements, and stripping the pensions of those convicted of official misconduct.

I want to thank you so much for your support and friendship.


Debbie Carter Costello

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  1. Mrs. Bruno permalink
    June 4, 2016 8:30 am

    Sad that I won’t be able to vote for her, but absolutely agree we must get rid of Murphy.

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