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Decoding Village Agendas – June 20, 2016

June 19, 2016

Regular Meetings of the Village Board


 (Open to Public  – Televised)


PUBLIC HEARING: Public Hearing to consider issuing a Special Permit to change the legal non-conforming use at 160 Cleveland Drive to another legal non-conforming use.  This is at the 5 Corners location where the offices of the Gazette were formerly housed which was a legal, non-conforming use.  Another non-conforming use would be allowed but with conditions recommended by the Planning Board – no more than 2 people in the office, limited to three parking spaces and landscaping on the hillside behind the structure.



  1. Dan Ahouse, Government Relations, Cablevision; re: Elimination of channel 783 (IFC HD) for Cablecard customers.  IFC HD will continue to be carried on channel 818.
  2. Daniel O’Connor, Village Engineer; re: Request for building permit extension at 17 North Highland Place.  Mr. O’Connor recommends a 6 month extension due to delays in receiving some special-order items and additional plumbing work needing to be completed.
  3. Liz Ingalls, Owner of 139 Grand Street; re: Request to rezone the property at 139 Grand Street from C-1 Commercial to Residential.  Ms. Ingalls, owner of Acker House, would like to sell the property and feels it would be easier to do so if it were a residential property.
  4. Letters from Maple Street residents and petition; re: Croton’s Little League’s use of Dobbs Park.  Concerns have been voiced by residents surrounding Dobbs Park about noise associated with the Public Address system at Little League games. A petition and letters have been received about this situation asking the Village to address it.



  1. Authorizing the Village Manager to award the contract for additional engineering consulting services to Site Design Consultants of Yorktown, NY in the amount of $6,700 for additional work in Phase II of the Grand Street Firehouse Improvement Project.  Phase II includes replacement of the retaining wall, new drainage lines, drainage improvements in the parking lot, resurfacing of the driveway and lot, new chain link fence and also addressing structural issues found at the front foundation wall during the Phase I work.
  2. Authorizing the Village Manager to award the 2016-2017 Sidewlk and Curb Improvements Project to DLG Contracting LLC from Mt. Vernon, NY in the amount of $278,314.50.  Six bids were received for this work.  The sidewalk and curb work is done annually as needed and is included in the Capital budget.
  3. Authorizing the Village Manager to award the contract to John Meyer Consulting for construction administration and observation services associated with the improvements to the sewer and water infrastructure on Farrington Road and Hunter Place in the amount not to exceed $70,000.   Bilotta will be doing the actual construction but John Meyer Consulting will be administering and monitoring the project.
  4. Authorizing the Village Manager to approve the proposal from International Code (ICC) in the amount of $6,786 for building plan review for the building permit submitted by Shop Rite Supermarkets, Inc. at 460 South Riverside Ave.  Shop Rite has an approved special permit  from the Village Board and an approved site plan from the Planning Board for its proposed expansion.  It has paid a building permit fee of $38,534.  Due to the extent of the proposed expansion, its review requires the help of a professional consultant.  The Village Engineer recommends accepting this proposal.
  5. The Village Board of Trustees considers the adoption of the New Employee Policy Manual dated June 2016.  The policies in the existing Employee Manual have become outdated and in some cases, non-compliant, with existing law. The new manual updates it.  It was developed with the help of the Village’s Labor Attorney and it has been reviewed by the attorneys for both the Teamsters and Police unions.
  6. Authorizing the Village Treasurer to amend the 2016/2017 General Fund Budget in the amount of $1,700 for monies received for Bond Anticipation Notes, Series 2016A.   This is a financial housekeeping adjustment.
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