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Timed Traffic Returns – A Letter To The Gazette

January 27, 2017
Reprinted with permission:
To The Editor:

The blinking dummy light debacle (AKA the issue that didn’t have to be an issue) is resolved–for now. 

The Mayor and the CU majority could have avoided this embarrassing episode if they had kept the following statement from their 2015 platform — since deleted from their website — in mind:  “The hallmarks of an effective government are not only the programs and policies it enacts, but equally important is the manner in which it conducts the public’s business…each member of the Board must be committed to conducting public business publicly, rather than in secret and behind closed doors.”  

Despite this pledge by the CU majority, the dummy light was switched to a blinking red light without any public discussion or Village Board deliberation.  Instead, a decision that impacted thousands of drivers and pedestrians each week was made behind closed doors.

Now, several months later, after the Mayor and his party came to appreciate the dummy light affair as a public relations disaster, they made a whiplash-inducing flip-flop, and the dummy light will return to normal on Friday.
The Mayor now has his self-made dummy light crisis “off his back,” as he put it, but what have he and his team learned? Nothing, apparently, as the decision to return the dummy light to normal came as a surprise announcement at last week’s Village Board meeting.

Even worse, Croton United has now shamelessly attempted to pin responsibility for the fiasco on the Village staff.  If the buck doesn’t stop with Mayor Schmidt, then I think it’s time we as citizens think about a change.
Maria Slippen
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  1. Liz Jacobson permalink
    January 28, 2017 8:06 am

    And my half-caf/decaf soy latté was shorted some foam! Who do I complain to?
    Cozy cumfy, 1st world, NY suburb problems.
    All the whining and complaining is nauseating. Greg and Croton United are not monsters in the closet coming to tear our societal structure. They’re all trying to do what’s right, and what they believe is best.
    So get off your high horse 🐴. If you don’t like how they conduct village business, run for office. (Then see how comfortable that noose is.)

  2. Mrs. Bruno permalink
    January 29, 2017 7:22 pm

    Maria Slippen was appointed to the Village Board, but lost the election when the voters had to confirm her appointment. Sour grapes?

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