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Info on Arts Events March-April in the Area

March 10, 2017

Croton Council on the Arts Lets You Know

Some of What’s Happening in the Arts March-April 2017

Jim Christensen to talk

On Friday, Mar.17 at 8 pm at the Westchester Photographic Society, CCoA member Jim Christensen will present, “Compositing – Expand your Creative Space”.  It’s free, visitors are welcome, and Jim would very much like to see your smiling face in the audience.  It will be a fun evening, so please join him.  He’ll show a wide variety of images, and explain his process (so you can create composited images too).

"ILoveNY - tweezers" © Jim Christensen

It’s in the auditorium of the Technology Building on the campus of the Westchester Community College.  Here’s a link with directions:

The UU’s Artists of Northern Westchester

Comes that time of year and ANW, sponsored by the Unitarian-Universalist Congregation of the Hudson Valley, is returning at the north end of Croton.

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Interested in showing your work at the juried ANW? You are invited to submit your work for consideration — March 15 and 16 from 2-5 pm. Below are two versions of the invitation to exhibit, the second with more detailed information, including the cost of submission.  It appears that ANW is using an application form (click here for link to the form in pdf format – they have supplied it to us but do not seem to have provided their own link or posted it on the UU website).


INTERESTED IN SEEING THE SHOW: As you can see from the second invitation to exhibitors above, ANW is opening on April 8, from 4-6 pm.  All the dates of the show are in the listed in second invitation above.

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