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Updates from Postcard Tuesdays!

May 22, 2017
Postcard Tuesdays
We have written over 12,000 cards to date
with your amazing help!

123 DAYS in office
12,236  #PostcardTuesdays cards out
We know they are counting, so are we!

Join us this Tuesday to express your concerns
to our local and national leaders.

We can’t make this stuff up, but we can fight for our democracy.
Stay and write. Grab and go.
Reminder: Bring your return address labels!

Black Cow Coffee Co. 
Green Growler

Postcard Tuesdays is a vehicle for citizens to express their concerns to elected representatives and exercise their cherished First Amendment rights.  We want to build bridges instead of walls, and we trust that can happen through informed constructive exchange.   Our efforts are pro-democracy, and we are open to all.  We are inspired by all of you who join us week after week to inspire change!

We are on a mission, join us!
Soli Pierce and Susannah Johnston

Please share this email with a friend and join us!
Special thanks to Marylyn Dintenfass for donating her artwork to Postcard Tuesdays. This world-famous artist is having a show at the Garrison Art Center, May 27 – June 18.
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