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Summer Sol- August News

August 4, 2017

Studio Notes:


Our new Fall Schedule will commence after Labor Day

Yoga Sol Kids Fall program will begin at the end of Septemember with classes for children ages 4-18. We will update you as soon as the schedule is finalized of when registration will begin.

Special things in August:
Yin Yoga: Full Moon Meditation on the Eclipses of August, 2017 and Yin Yoga
Sunday August 13th5-6:15pm, led by Kristy Cohen

In this class we will reflect on the current Cosmic energies available as we weave through calming Yin poses. Learn about the current energies and how you can connect, align and manifest your inner desires.

Yin is synonymous with the words passive, feminine, soft, yielding and surrender, and this is exactly what will be asked of you on the mat. Yin is similar to Restorative Yoga, in that all poses are seated or reclined, but the poses are held for longer periods, typically five-ten minutes, and a soft edge is where we begin each pose. From there we use the breath to deepen the pose and quiet the mind. This approach nourishes the joints, tendons and connective tissue in the physical body, while we connect mind and soul with our higher cosmic self. Yin is simply a mind-body meditation, a mindful dance between stillness and movement.

Sunday, August 13th 5-6:15p
Fee: $20 (cash or class card)
*You must sign up for this event, space is limited

Kristy Cohen , E-CYT, E-CKYT, CVA has studied Vedic Astrology, Yoga and Healing arts passionately for the past 15 years. She is a certified Vedic astrologer from AstroVed University, class of 2010. She continues her studies through Jyotish conferences at the Arsha Vidya Gurukulum Ashram with Penny Farrow, as well as advanced technique webinars with Marc Boney.  She has an M.S. Ed, is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor for both adults and children since 1999. She is committed to continuing her education in the Vedic sciences through annual workshops and trainings.

Pop-Up Shop- SmartGlamor
Sunday August 13th12:30-3:30pm

SmartGlamour is an affordable, fashionable, and customizable ethical clothing line for people of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages, identities, and styles. We make plus size clothing, straight size clothing, petite clothing, tall clothing, and everything in between and beyond. Every design is available in XXS to 6X and beyond. Any and every item can be customized to fit any and every body. And everything is made in NYC with love – just for you.

SmartGlamour is a what and a how. I don’t just want you to buy my clothes. I want you to buy the clothes that you want – that you need – that you go into your closet to look for but don’t exist. I want you to create the pieces you need for your life, style, and body that will empower you to feel more confident and use that feeling to take steps in the journey to love your body.

SmartGlamour has three main very broad goals: to empower our customers through clothing and help them on a road to body acceptance, to make good quality clothing that is sold at affordable prices, and to cut away at hatred that stems from insecurity and the belief that beauty and brains can not go hand in hand.

The next time you need a basic fashion staple, you have a bad shopping experience because of your size, you feel shamed by other people or by society, or you have a difficult time finding pieces that fit correctly without alterations – shop here instead. Read what we write, follow us on social media and read the items we share. Change your thinking. Don’t let your insecurities create negativity between you and others. And don’t let other people tell you your insecurities are not valid.

We are all born different – embrace that. Own your body – and dress it accordingly.

Yoga Sol

5 Old Post Road South, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Croton-on-HudsonNY 10520

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