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Postcard Tuesdays – Recess is Almost Over!

September 4, 2017
Postcard Tuesdays
We’re live again on Tuesday, September 12th!
Recess is almost over and we can’t wait to get started.
We are busy with our brain trust on the following issues:

Hurricane Harvey relief
Russia investigation
Voter suppression
Deregulation across many Departments
Tax Reform
Immigration, especially DACA

Consumer protection
Join us
Tuesday, Sept. 12th
Black Cow Coffee Co.
Green Growler
Postcard Tuesdays is a vehicle for citizens to express their concerns to elected representatives and exercise their cherished First Amendment rights.  We want to build bridges instead of walls, and we trust that can happen through informed constructive exchange.   Our efforts are pro-democracy, and we are open to all.  We are inspired by all of you who join us week after week to inspired change!

We are on a mission, join us!
Soli Pierce and Susannah Johnston

Please share this email with a friend and join us!
Looking for a good read? 
One of our Postcard Tuesdays gals, Dede Emersonhas written her autobiography and it’s an inspired page turner.  All proceeds go to SPCA because Dede is that kind of gal.
And, for my Next Act..: From Bebop to the United Nations and Beyond 
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