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From the WatchCroton Mailbag – Election Special

October 26, 2017

Rob Astorino is Bad for Women

To The Editor,

I just finished watching the debate for Westchester County Executive between Rob Astorino and George Latimer.  Once again Rob Astorino has relegated women to the role of victim and second-class citizen.  He made a statement that “single women who fear for their life or want to protect their child” own guns.  Excuse me?!  He even fumbled his wording after that statement and almost laughed.  Rob Astorino, who called out Latimer for bringing up Rob’s lacking Human Rights Commission, is using single women in fear as a calling card for his gun show?  Bizarre, and frankly insulting!  I’m not saying single mom’s like myself don’t own guns – of course women own guns – I’m saying don’t use us or portray us as fearful victims for your own gain.

Unfortunately, this attitude of women as second-class citizens isn’t new for Astorino. In the last debate, Astorino bragged that Westchester had what women want in schools and jobs near home – forgetting that many of us work in NYC and are the breadwinners in our families (and that a good many of us choose not to have children at all!).  Talk about boxing us in!  Astorino continues to relegate women to a role we left long ago – that of second-class citizen in our families, relationships, and community. I realize Rob Astorino may be the Leave it to Beaver type – but rest assured – the women in Westchester are not.  It isn’t 1957 anymore, Mr. Astorino, women are equal.  

On November 7th I’ll be casting my vote for equality, I’ll be casting my vote for George Latimer.


Molly Greece

Croton on Hudson

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