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From the WatchCroton Mailbag – Election Special

October 27, 2017
To the Editor:

I’m so pleased that the Harmon rezoning continues to foster investment in our community.  The project at the former Nappy site is moving forward with a new owner, construction continues steadily above the DB Mart convenience store, and an application is in process for a project at 425 South Riverside Avenue, which is adjacent to the Harmon Gateway district and poised to capitalize on the Harmon revitalization.

But this pro-taxpayer and pro-business success story faced a serious challenge before it even got off the ground.  As the Daily Voice reported when the Harmon rezoning was being considered, “[then Republican trustee and current Croton United mayor] Greg Schmidt has been the most vocal opponent of the law on the board.”   Roseann Schuyler, one of this year’s Croton United trustee candidates, was also a vociferous opponent.

The Croton Democrats were elected to Village board majorities more than once on a platform of enacting the Harmon rezoning.  Unable to defeat the rezoning through the democratic process, some opponents then sued the Village. Their lawsuit was ultimately dismissed, but only after costing Croton taxpayers well over $400,000 in legal fees.

If current Croton United candidates Greg Schmidt and Roseann Schuyler had their way when the Harmon rezoning was being considered, our community would not now be benefiting from the new investments spurred by this important initiative championed by the Croton Democrats.  It’s a great example of why we need to bring vision back to local government and elect Democrats Brian Pugh, Amy Attias, and Sherry Horowitz on November 7.

Andy Levitt
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